• anechoic

    I haven't downloaded it yet but one q: can it do pythagorean, just, meantone, etc?

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    every once in a while (not sure if this is due to a finger fumbly key combo or what) pd-extended Linux stops getting keyboard entry
    so I can't do a Ctrl-E for editing my patches etc

    restarting pd doesn't get the kbd back
    only restarting the system corrects this problem

    anyone else experience this?

    I'm also using tcl/tk for some extended functionality like the Max-like object bar

    Linux Mint 14 Nadia && Xfce 4.10 on a Lenovo T500 Thinkpad

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  • anechoic

    I'm trying to get the [hid] external working with the Griffin PowerMate on Linux Mint 14 (Nadia)/pd 0.43.4
    the help patch doesn't consistently recognize the device (it did once)
    and when I click on the hradio button the patch and pd crashes hard
    anyone working with the [hid] external on Linux with success? or is it buggy for others as well?
    thanks in advance

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    does anyone know if there is an abstraction or external for a barber-pole type LFO - sometimes also referred to as 'infinite' or 'through zero' LFO?

    I see the Shepard Tone generator example in the Pd patches folder but just wanted something I didn't have to hack...
    thanks in advance

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    so I loaded the GrIPD lib
    pointed Pd-extended to it in my ~/pd-externals dir
    opened the gripd exampled patch
    clicked on [open ../gripd/examples/gripd.gpd]

    and got the following message in the Pd window:

    | |
    | GrIPD: v0.1.1 |
    | Graphical Interface for Pure Data |
    | (C) Copyright 2003 Joseph A. Sarlo |
    | GNU General Public License |

    GrIPD: Using port 3490
    GrIPD: Waiting for a connection...

    I opened port 3490 in my firewall

    so what am I doing wrong here?

    thanks in advance!


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  • anechoic

    I've been experiencing some trouble with the array object. I'm including the patch here which has an explanation of what's happening as well as my config.

    In short, when I use it as a spectrum analyzer it gives me two spectral displays inside the array window instead of one as expected.

    any help is appreciated!

    Kim Cascone


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  • anechoic


    I upgraded to Ubuntu 10.10 a couple of months ago and had some issues I need help in finding the best way to resolve.

    I was using Pd 0.41-4extended and upgraded to Pd 0.42.5-extended when I upgraded Ubuntu

    I noticed that the Pd .deb installed a '/usr/lib/pd-extended' directory instead of the old '/usr/lib/pd'

    of course the Ubuntu upgrade wiped the '/' partition (I have '/' and '/home' on separate partitions) but everything was left intact on my '/home' partition so all my patches and work files were left untouched in '/home/user/pd-externals' dir

    I made sure to backup of my old '/usr/lib/pd/' directory with all my externals and docs

    but now when I launch Pd it throws errors saying it can't find my libraries:

    cyclone: can't load library
    zexy: can't load library
    creb: can't load library
    cxc: can't load library
    list-abs: can't load library
    mapping: can't load library
    markex: can't load library
    maxlib: can't load library
    memento: can't load library
    mjlib: can't load library
    motex: can't load library
    oscx: can't load library
    pddp: can't load library
    pdogg: can't load library
    pixeltango: can't load library
    pmpd: can't load library
    rradical: can't load library
    sigpack: can't load library
    smlib: can't load library
    toxy: can't load library
    iemlib: can't load library
    unauthorized: can't load library
    pan: can't load library
    hcs: can't load library
    jmmmp: can't load library
    ext13: can't load library
    ggee: can't load library
    flib: can't load library
    ekext: can't load library
    flatspace: can't load library

    so my question is:

    what is the best way to migrate all my old libraries, externals and docs?

    has anyone else encountered this problem?

    and if so, what is the easiest way to deal with this *other* than going in and copying everything over to '/usr/lib'pd-externals/docs/' and '/usr/lib'pd-externals/extras/' dirs?

    is it as easy as just changing the paths to a new location?

    thanks in advance,

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  • anechoic

    is there a way to get a list (on the command line or otherwise) of all the externals used in a patch - on every level?

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  • anechoic

    coming from Max/MSP I still have a few head-scratching questions about how Pd works:

    • can I embed a jpg or png in a patch? if so, how?
    • can I delete several cables at once? is there a key-combo for multiple select?
      any help is appreciated!

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  • anechoic

    I have a patch where I want to use a [#many tgl 4 4] to send a connecting state to the [matrix~] object
    but the list coming out of the [pack] object (see patch) contains a 'list' symbol on the beginning of the list (I know this is different than how Max/MSP behaves) and want to get rid of it so the matrix object recognizes the list
    sorry but not sure how to deal with this in Pd


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  • anechoic

    is there a patching circle currently active in San Francisco?
    if not, is anyone interested in starting one?

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  • anechoic

    bins for Linux found at the url below
    check out the src for the help file



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  • anechoic

    I know this topic has been brought up in the past and I searched the archives hoping to find some more info but...

    I'm unable to get plugin~ working on
    Pd version 0.41-4extended

    I have set a path to my LADSPA library
    as well as the plugin~ dir in my extras directory

    I can instantiate an object
    but I get the following error when loading the
    tap_autopanner and tap_eq plugins with the plugin~ object:

    plugin~: constructed plugin "TAP AutoPanner" successfully
    plugin~: plugin ports: audio 2/2 ctrl 3/0
    plugin~: plugin active
    plugin~: close_plugin (x)
    plugin~: destructed plugin successfully
    config listed below

    I chose to test with the TAP plugs because
    a) they've been around a long time and still being worked on IIRC
    b) they work in Ardour and AMS for me and
    c) they are from the same collection of LADSPA plugs made by the same developer

    so my questions are:

    • why do some LADSPA plugs work while others do not?
    • I remember Derek mentioning a 'workaround' in the archives but was unable to find the solution - (was it recompiling the plugin~ object?) can someone point me to the workaround?
    • does anyone else use this external and have it working on Linux?
    • is there a newer, more robust or another external for hosting LADSPA, LV2 and/or VST plugins?

    any help is appreciated!

    *my Linux audio perf config:*
    Dell Studio 15 Core2 Duo 2.0GHz 3G-RAM
    Ubuntu 9.04
    jackd version 0.116.1 tmpdir /dev/shm protocol 24
    Ardour 2.8.2
    USB iMic audio interface
    Korg nanoKontrol
    cpufreq-set - both cpu's are set to 2.0GHz and userspace

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  • anechoic

    I'm building a patch that takes a text file and selects random lines to display

    I've been looking for an object similar to [textedit] Max/MSP
    so I can display the text with formatting (i.e. type size, font, color etc)

    does anyone happen to know if there is a similar object as [textedit] for pd?
    or something that would work in its place?
    thanks in advance!

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  • anechoic

    I successfully compiled the pdj lib
    placed the whole dir in the /usr/lib/pd/extra dir
    set a path to it in pd-extended
    tried to open a help file for the 'help class' and got
    a red outline around the [pdj help class] external
    and this error in the console:

    pdj help_class
    ... couldn't create
    pdj: unable to use the JVM specified at pdj.JAVA_HOME
    pdj: using JVM from the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    error: pdj: libjava.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
    pdj help_class @attr1 10
    ... couldn't create
    tried text-help.pd and failed
    tried /usr/lib/pd/doc/5.reference/text-help.pd and succeeded

    I'm reading through the 'pdj.properties' file but not sure of what to modify

    any help is appreciated!



    my Linux audio config:
    Dell Studio 15 Core2 Duo 2.0GHz 3G-RAM
    Ubuntu 9.04

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  • anechoic

    thanks for making and sharing this! :)

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  • anechoic

    I'm using Mint 14 Nadia (based on Ubuntu) and can't seem to get PD (latest version) to recognize the external. Anyone else have this problem on Linux? :\

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  • anechoic

    this site requires authorization:


    is there a mirror or a zip of the collection somewhere?

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  • anechoic

    does the 64b Linux version work on a 32b distro?

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