• Wednesday

    I have been working on an audio to midi patch for a while and have kind of put it on hold for a bit since i have been working on some other stuff but i think a collaboration on this would be great just to get it working a bit better

    im on a macbook 10.4.11

    it works best with something plugged right into it rather than a mic but with the right threshold level a mic works just fine

    you can test to make sure you have a good connection with 1 of the three synths collected
    or just set the midi out right away and go for it
    whammybar plus frequency synth in the patch = fun bendyness
    whammybar plus midi output = not quite as awesome but still effective
    this really makes me want to build my own synth in PD so i wouldn't have to use midi but maybe thats still to come
    anyway the patch works for me so lets just go from there
    this idea and a good stutter patch are the reason i got into pure data and now i have worked on both yay for these forums


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  • Wednesday

    What i want:
    the original idea was to be able to modulate the volume of another loop with a field recording, for instance a babbling brook

    What I have already:
    I have two recorded loops one that plays to the dac~ and one that gets read via tabplay~ & snapshot~ and is then sent to the right inlet of a *~ right before the dac~ for the first loop.

    Either i am crazy or its not working quite the way i had envisioned it and it may be my computer giving it a bit more of a glitchy sound than i am looking for in this patch

    am i bng'ing the snapshot to often?
    is tabplay & snapshot not the ideal pair for this kind of thing?
    Perhaps i am just over complicating this
    Maybe an oscillator should be used somewhere?

    so has anybody worked on something similar or have any ideas i have included a very nasty looking patch


    to do if this works:
    add live input that could still be modulated by a recorded sound or an oscillator or some kind


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  • Wednesday

    i don't know if anybody here has played with this at all but

    i wanted to get in touch with the guy that did this and i can't seem to find any way to do that it looks like "obi" may have helped with the midi jammer by lending materiel or something

    anyway i want to add more objects that are available to put onto the ds
    now before i would have just posted this and hoped somebody knew what was going on
    but i actually went into the source code and tried to figure it out

    i tried to add a button but i couldn't quite get it to work
    so thats why i wanted to get in touch with him or her

    i have been playing with this quite a bit here is how i have it set up

    macbook=>airport sharing=>NDS=>MIDIWIFI=>MIDIpipe=>battery 3

    i have a screen set up taking up almost the whole ds touch screen
    and 128 toggles its really wonderful to play with

    i have also set up the sliders and knobs
    with one patch there is something like 178 midi objects on the ds screen

    but i would rather be using a bng instead of a toggle at least when using battery
    maybe something where you could give an x y range that would make a box and inside the box you could get the touch screen information ala fudikaos

    and also im not sure if its possible but having something like a matrix or patchbay that could be plugged in from one to another something along these lines maybe http://www.machinecollective.org/

    so if anybody would know anything about how to do this i would love a push in the right direction whether it be coding help or contact info it would be greatly appreciated


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  • Wednesday

    i was wanting to make a simple tremolo/volume effect for a friend of mine so i though i would at least put it up and maybe somebody can use it
    i will probably keep working on it a little bit
    any thoughts?


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  • Wednesday

    This is a little looper i made last night that i am really starting to have some fun with
    it can be really weird and chaotic or just kind of a normal looper

    1,2,3,4,5,6 chooses the loop number
    R records
    space bar will sync all the loops by restarting them

    to turn on or to turn off the randomness look in pd guts/pd odisto
    you plug in the bng and number box to a vslider that will randomly choose where the loops starts to play from
    but to turn it off you just go through to each of the 6 loops and unplug them

    it would be really easy to save loops you like but i may put a save/load function in

    i want to put in reverse, a slight pitch shift, volume and a way to select only a part of the loop to play

    any input is there already a lot of stuff out there like this? because i can't really find it

    for some reason im having trouble posting this

    **sorry I haven't been able to post this for some time but i have been having a lot of trouble actually posting it hopefully it works this time but I have still been working on it here and there so i added a volume slider for each track

    does anybody know if i could set a midi slider or knob as the hardware volume controller?
    i have a novation x station that im going to test it out with more to come soon i have some other stuff that im getting the kinks worked out on i will hopefully be able to post


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  • Wednesday

    this is going to be my first posted patch so please be kind :)
    but anyway this is really my first big project i have been working on for programming in general
    it is by no means done but i think its really fun to mess around with so maybe somebody else could find some use in it
    if you want instructions i can start working on that
    i really just want some more knowledgeable people to look it over i know there are mistakes
    i really just wanted to make something that could take a signal and put some effects on it and it really has just turned into a whole lot more
    the whole reason i started this was for the guy im doing music with and he plays guitar and sings so i have also been thinking about hacking a keyboard for some sort of foot controller
    using these links as a general guide


    the attached file has a couple objects i had to download so i put them in just in case

    let me know what you think, its really fun to use to with a microphone and a wav drum sample



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  • Wednesday

    rjdj is quite a bit of fun. I had a dream ever since i was a child of having hearing aid type earphones that would let me hear everything backwards this as quite simple with rjdj.

    although it would be awesome to patch on the go.

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  • Wednesday

    im trying to get this to work but i have actually never really added any startup info could you help me out just a bit

    i remember finding a game that used the motion sensor and it worked pretty well i would love to be able to implement this into my pd'ing
    im on a macbook 10.4.11
    pd version 0.40.3

    thank you so much

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  • Wednesday

    if you are going to reinvent the wheel you may as well make it so it supports OSC though right?
    making and using your own instruments is so wonderful but people have made some really impressive stuff obtainable for free
    i didn't even realize there was a vst~ object
    i love the smell of pure data working the mechanical innards of my compy in the morning

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  • Wednesday

    i love you number gods
    thank you for being so kind

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