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    Oh! thanks! I forgot to post the link here! (:

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    I have just released in github and deken the abstraction pack 'planifolia' (v.0.1).

    Planifolia (from the second name of the orchid 'Vanilla planifolia') is a set of Pure Data abstractions designed to work without any compiled externals.

    The abstractions implement a series of useful operations like arbitrary unary and binary operations in lists and arrays, quicksort, logical operators to check equality of arbitrary datatypes, easy OSC formatting/routing, etc. It also comes with toggle-based matrix GUI (designed to work be compatible with iemmatrix objects) and a matrix based step sequencer with some non usual features (independent tempo, beat and duration patterns, col/row/colrow modes, nice colors, etc).

    Some bugs may still be there... ;)


    abstraction description
    [any.==] compares datatypes
    [array.binop] binary operations in arrays
    [array.rand] random populates an arrays
    [array.unop] unary operations in arrays
    [ls.binop] binary operations in list
    [ls.butlast] list but the last element
    [ls.choose] random choose an element of the list
    [ls.getRotate] N rotated element of a list
    [ls.group] groups elements into a list
    [ls.iter] list iteration
    [ls.last] last element of the list
    [ls.max] greatest element of a list
    [ls.mean] mean of the floats in a list
    [ls.min] minimum element in a list
    [ls.mode] mode of a list
    [ls.quicksort] quicksort algorithm implemented as a vanilla abstraction
    [ls.removeAt] removes element at index
    [ls.rotate] N rotation of a list
    [ls.scramble] randomize elements in a list
    [ls.ser.arithm] build an artithmetic series list
    [ls.splice] replaces element in a list with anothe list
    [ls.unop] perform unary operation in elements of a list
    [mtxgui] vanilla matrix interface
    [mtxstep] vanilla step sequencer with some non usual features
    [slash.oscformat] tool to format OSC messages
    [slash.oscroute] tool to route OSC messages
    [symbol.==] test if two symbols are equal
    [symbol.split] splits a symbol according to a char

    Brazilian percussion samples were gently provided by Chico Correa youtube: /c/ChicoCorrea

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    very nice Gilberto!
    have just compiled it in OSX, mavericks... it seems to be working well! please tell me if you want the binaries (your provided binaries don't run on mavericks).

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