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    trying out some new features, ex. speed and voice changing.

    note: yes, the guitar parts are played backwards.

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    Example output~

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    This is sort of like output~ but not exactly.

    Am sharing it here, because I think you may find it interesting.

    I have never done an online demo before, so... :-) go easy. It's really just a screen capture of me going through the patches function points.

    I wanted to see what would break in which case, this trapped it, and I kept going. At the very end I show how one goes about playing it.

    It's a drum-machine with sort of a different take on how to get the patterns: by only the number of beats you want and the likelihood of it being a 1, where likelhood is passed in to a list-wrandom.

    ...but there is a Lot more to say about :-) . Which I am hoping I can do via just a video like this one (but with voiceover, too).

    I hope the video piques your interest. And do ask questions or suggest ideas as you see fit. I'd love to hear them.

    The short of it is:

    It's a 4-d mixer where on a grid of 8x8 each cell has 3 possible parameters to set all of which are done all via gemmouse.

    Peace thru Sharing.
    Love through Music.


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    This was made live using the current sampler patch I am working on.

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    ...the night before Midterm Elections 2022.

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    p.s. I am of the opinion Time has a mind of its own. And repeats what it "likes" (as we do). So if a "random" result occurs multiple times, then that is it what it "likes". And if given that weight, Time does not result in the same distribution, then Time "changed its mind" (its taste changed) and it started "liking" something else.

    Peace thru Music (and Video :-))
    Love through Sharing.


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