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    This is a very simple game that uses motion tracking to move a spaceship through a field of asteroids. There is a readme included that should explain how to configure the controls properly. http://www.gabrielkoenig.com/patches/AsteroidTracker.zip

    I really enjoyed making this game. My workaround for collision detection really limits expanding on the design, but I'd be very interested to try making more games using PD. The best thing about using PD for a game is that it can make use of very unconventional control devices.

    Sorry about the patch, it's a little messy.


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    I just bought a new C200 webcam. It seems to be working with some applications in Ubuntu 9.04 for me, but not in others. In cheese, ffmpeg and xawtv the camera seemed to work fine. However, using camorama and pd it doesn't seem to be recognized properly. When attempting to open camorama I am being told that it cannot find a video source at /dev/video0.

    When using the pix_video object I am getting no error attempting to use device0 but it is still not getting any video. One thing that I am noticing is when using dmesg in terminal, the webcam is listed under a different path than /dev/video0. It's under a very long path, starting with /device/. I don't know if this is part of the problem but if anyone has any suggestions it would be very appreciated. I thought I'd check on the pd forum first since the camera does seem to be working in most other apps right now.


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    I feel like this patch is almost done and I'm looking for some feedback now. It's my first real attempt at making something in PD so I'm sure I took some very roundabout ways to do things. I should also say that this forum was one of my main resources for help, though I never asked anything myself the past discussions were often very useful. Thanks.

    The basic idea with this patch started with a joke about how there is a video remix for just about everything on youtube. I suggested that someone should just make an automated program to make the remixes. Then I realized I could probably make something like that in PD. This is what I made.

    Some basic instructions: (I should write a readme for it)

    1. Load a video or two using the appropriate buttons. (.mov)

    2. Load a song, or not. A song that is beat oriented looks best in my opinion. (.wav) Wait for it to load in the array below.

    3. Select whether you are using one or two videos.

    4. Adjust the volume sliders for the videos and music.

    5. Press 'Play' to start the music and video. (X11 opens here for me for the video, I imagine this will vary on another OS)

    6. Tap the spacebar in time to the music to set the tempo for the remixer. The tempo is visible at the top left.

    7. Once you have the tempo set as you want it press 'Remix'.

    8. The video will remix itself to the music.

    Adjust the VideoFX Sensitivity to have the flashes occur more frequently. Adjust Reverse Playback to set how often the video plays backwards.

    Also you can press 'Record A/V' to save the playback to a .mov file that should appear in the HD directory.

    The remix is all random which limits how effective the cuts can be but it is also very satisfying when something ends up syncing perfectly in an unexpected way. I had considered making the user be able to scrub the video to choose points in the timeline to jump to specifically to allow more control over the cuts but I decided it wasn't what I was going for. I may do another version that enables this but I'm leaving it out of this one.

    That's about all there is to it. I'm interested in any kind of feedback. One thing I haven't been able to figure out is how to stop the remixer function along with everything else. It's not a big deal but if anyone has ideas please let me know.

    Thank you.


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    Finally found something that worked for me.


    I haven't yet implemented any kind of permanent solution but using the code provided when booting pd through terminal seems to work.

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    Yeah, I'm pretty sure it could be changed to a non-pdp version. If you want any help let me know.

    When you say 'when the video ends' do you mean when the song ends? Because the video basically just keeps looping itself anyways. But if you mean when the song ends it could just grab a new song and new videos then I think I know what you mean. I have never tried anything like a random file chooser, I usually have problems just getting it to grab the file that I specifically want, but I think it's an awesome idea. I still don't think it could be fully automated because it would need the tempo input manually for the new song. Not too big a deal though. Do you have any experience with random file choosing type patches?

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    I'm glad you found a use for the patch. I think I was originally using both gem and pdp but then ditched gem because pdp had a few objects that I found much more valuable. I think gem can probably do everything except for record the whole thing into a quicktime file and I'm also not sure if I could get gem to play audio attached to the video. If those features weren't necessary I'm sure it would be a breeze to convert it to use gem instead.

    Would you know where to start or would it be better for me to have a go at it? I know the patch isn't exactly tidy.

    I also always get the audio decoding error message but for some reason it still plays fine so I never gave it too much thought.

    Thanks for your interest.

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    When is it crashing? I think it is pretty picky about the types of .mov files it plays. Some of them seem to crash it right away for some reason. I suppose the patch may also be demanding on the computer but I'm not sure. I haven't had much of a chance to try the patch out on numerous computers.

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