• pajzd

    thanx man !
    made already some little track with it


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  • pajzd

    ciao brendanmac

    awesome tutorial man,
    i was recently looking @ mobmuplat
    & could'nt figure out the way to send (s toGUI & list /nameoftable refresh message)
    tabwrite~ oscillations or waves that were created in puredata
    & visualised in an array , so to send this to mobmuplat .... to have the same
    visualisation on the iphone or ipad ....do you know perhaps how one could do this ?
    maybe you can integrate into yr tutorial so everybody can learn ... thnx already !!

    greetings !

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  • pajzd

    / / // /// / // / / / /̶j̶o̶z̶e̶f̶a̶l̶e̶k̶s̶a̶n̶d̶e̶r̶p̶e̶dr̶o̶- (lima, peru) / / /// / /// // / / / ///

    lissajous triggers variation.jpg link url)


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  • pajzd

    hola amigos !

    i had some problems with the mudiness of the audio ins of my old friend
    the korg ER-1 ... i always use it to make some gated sequences _ _ _ i love it !

    i remember performing one of my first solo akts with it ! pure joy
    the name of the song was, nah i dont remember anymore

    but so i felt the need to emulate this kinda in pd _ _ _

    i searched for it here on the forum & on the net, but due to a proper name ... gotta check that manual ... maybe i'll name it the """" delicious decay leaker"""" or '''''' the drip drip dripper ''''' dunno yet i didnt find niente ... so maybe it already exist i dunno

    i like my canvas to be chaotic, the cables and stuff, makes me think a bout X e n____a k i s !

    por favor


    oh this is the song i made with the ER-1 but found too muddyyyyyy
    what it do babyyyy !


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  • pajzd

    nice man !!! r u hungry tho' ???__ ???

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