this one is so basic that i couldn't even be bothered to take a screenshot of it.

    it's a drum-kit consisting of a kick drum, a snare drum and a hi-hat, made from a bunch of [phasor~] objects and filters.

    bang and drum.

    there are no controls on the outside, but you'll find sliders to adjust on the inside.

    made in purr data but should be vanilla enough to run anywhere


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    i present to you:


    denary bang generator

    it's really simple. all it does is throw out (up to) 10 bangs by using the uzi object (from the zexy library).,

    what is does and why?

    • hradio selects how many bangs to send out
    • the button bangs it
    • the toggle makes it bang constantly.
    • each bang has its own out.

    havn't really played around with it, just starting to learn how to make patches the
    right way.. but i think it could be fun/useful with a counter to select how many bangs to bang and such...

    maybe i should rather post this in extra~ or abstract~?



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    Necroposting for bumping.

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    I like this, thanks for sharing ..

    I'm using it to get the average of the values from the 16 steps on my sequencer.

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    @toxonic well.. it's a little of both.

    the idea is, to have loads of samples in the 1-2 second range, but also a bunch in the 5 second range and then some longer ones.. picked by random and played together as "songs". by a couple of hundred samples, the idea is that by all the possible combinations, there will be millions of songs.

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    so, imagine we have three pools of sound samples (vocals, guitar and drums, for instance) of different lengths, and we want a sound from each pool to be played simultaneously, by random

    picking them by random and playing is easy enough, but what if we want them to be played so they fit to each other? ie. samples should only be played along other samples of the same length, more or less.

    i imagine it's possible to first sort them size-wise and then pick them by random?

    any ideas?

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    yeh, i figured it out and set it back to pipe. it's a part of a much bigger project/hack.


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    @ingox said:


    Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-01-25 00-29-46.png

    very cool...

    i see you changed pipe to delay.. is there any difference?
    i mean, they both delay.

    i'm not sure why i used pipe in the first place., tho..

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    hah.. you people are amazing!

    ...and since you are so amazing, i have a quick follow-up question: how would i do so, in random mode, that it doesn't pick the same number twice in a row?


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    @whale-av said:

    You have a lot of zeros flying in from the [*] at the same time as the data and that is the problem.
    A couple of spigots will solve it..... buggy.pd
    Just changed.... I had the spigot defaults the wrong way around.

    oh wow.. you are a hero!
    i learned something today... spigot, interesting object!

    @Jona said:

    i think select or route can solve your problem, but perhaps select makes more sense in your case:
    Bildschirmfoto vom 2020-01-24 20-46-50.png
    edit: i think i misunderstood the problem ;)

    ooh, this looks fine. a bit less messy than my sequencing hack!

    thanks ,

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