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    @Il-pleut Site's offline now?

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    Just load a different source file of your liking.

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    It seems weird, that this hasn't been implemented in Vanilla even in 2023. Maybe we should all flood the Github page with a feature request again?

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    The obvious version, copying from src_array to dest_array upon bang.

    Screen Shot 2022-09-21 at 14.23.32.jpg

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    Oops, pardon, had overread the "Windows 10" bit in the title....

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    rimshot or sidestick?

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    @jazzsnob If want to learn the intestines: Vanilla. Otherwise pd-l2Ork. Extended is NOT maintained anymore. Though it might work ;) See http://puredata.info/ for reliable info.

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    I think you should just reset the phase upon banging, that way phasor really starts at the beginning of it's waveform. Bang a message with a zero into it's second inlet and that should be fine.

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    Lots of country music on 6th street, eh eh eh ;) Well, i am sure (without being an Austin resident atm) that you will find a computer music department at UT, which has PD users. No?

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    That means one should run pd from terminal? With sudo?

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    There's different kinds of random number generation. It makes sense for you to to think about what you really need.

    This is because

    • true random repeats numbers whenever it wants to. Computer random is always the result of a calculation, therefore not really random, but it does create repetitions whenever it wants to as well:
      This is, what the random object does.

    Then as well

    • musical random tends to not wish for (direct) repetition within a certain range of numbers.
      If it is enough to not get the same number twice after another, then you can store the last number in a float to compare it to the next one, and if it is the same, then just re-bang the random object.
      If you need non-repetition within say 6 numbers, then use urn.

    If you use Vanilla you have no urn, so you will have to go differently:
    Fill an array with numbers 0-9 on array positions 0-9.
    Use the result of random 10 (say 7) to remove the respective position (so 7) from the array. This number (7) is the first of your non repeating random sequence using numbers from 0-9.
    Your array will now have only 9 entries.
    Repeat the procedure with random 9.
    Your array will now have only 8 entries.
    Repeat the procedure with random 8.
    When your array has only one value left you read that one out, delete it and refill the array with 0-9 to restart the procedure.

    You can do this with as many value as an array fits and you’ll never have any repetition until every number in the range has been used.

    Hope that helps.

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  • jayrope

    Hi everyone,

    i only recently started using PD (MaxMSP user before) and rebuilt a vintage Vestax DDG-1 first for a start. Works nicely, but my MaxMSP version of it using their tapin~/tapout~ combination seems to have significant advantages over delwrite~/delread~/vd~in PD. The MSP version

    1. behaves like a tape on increasing or decreasing delay time, in other words it really pitches the signal, like the original outboard delay is changing the sample rate then.
    2. doesn`t produce clicks upon changing the delay time.

    So question;: Has anyone attempted to build a feedbacking delay with tapread4~, susloop~ instead here, which theoretically could rather sound like a reclocked delay chip, i.e. tape speed change?

    Any hints are very appreciated, thanx much in advance.

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  • jayrope

    EDIT: In that regard, what meant "understanding libraries"? i tried any of the afore mentioned methods, read through all the tricks in various threads and still couldn't make PD-extended 0.43.4 to stop crashing on startup.

    And make sure it is in the right location: /private/etc/hosts

    My system log on ox 10.7.5 read upon first startup
    "defaults: The domain/default pair of (/Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/../org.puredata.pdextended.default, verbose) does not exist"

    after that and when attempting to start PD again
    "com.apple.launchd.peruser.501: ([0x0-0x3d03d].org.puredata.pd.wish[2277]) Exited with code: 3"

    The Terminal command "/Applications/Pd-extended.app/Contents/Resources/bin/pd -stderr" got me "WARNING: connect to pd failed, retrying port localhost:5402."
    until i quit the process. in the meantime PDs icon in the dock flashes. Port number varies, starting from 5400.

    Here i finally guessed, that my hosts file, which had the correct entries, was not in the right position. But at least i also found out, that Lion requires it's own structure within the hosts file: If you customize it, then put your own entries BEFORE the the standard block. Read more about this here: http://thecoredump.org/2011/09/editing-the-hosts-file-in-mac-os-x-lion/

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    try this.

    #N canvas 378 130 559 654 10;
    #X obj 154 490 pansig~;
    #X obj 154 359 adc~;
    #X obj 154 535 dac~;
    #X obj 154 391 *~ 0.707;
    #X floatatom 192 438 5 0 0 0 - - -;
    #X obj 193 464 rand~ 60;
    #X connect 0 0 2 0;
    #X connect 0 1 2 1;
    #X connect 1 0 3 0;
    #X connect 1 1 3 0;
    #X connect 3 0 0 0;
    #X connect 4 0 5 0;
    #X connect 5 0 0 1;


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    Confirmed, the links don´t work. I have no idea whom responsible to tell about this.

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  • jayrope

    Thank you, lead, for the tapedelay patch.

    I wonder if there´s any way to

    • dynamically resize the table containing tape loop and/or
    • only write into and read from the first 1/4, 1/16, 1/64 or 1/256 of it.

    Especially the latter option would allow for your patch to mirror the functionality of early digital delay outboard gear, such as a Vestax DDG-1, DDx and alike.

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    I find this thread helpful: http://puredata.hurleur.com/sujet-6887-trying-tape-delay.

    The tape delay patch on the bottom of the thread is a start for what i was meaning, using tapread4~.

    I will further evaluate this. Thank you much for all your suggestions. As a newbie to PD i don´t quite understand yet, how to install other objects, than what is already contained in PD-extended (am on a Mac 10.7 with PD-0.42.5-extended) - so i´ll evaluate ipoke~ as soon as i understood this and found it, too :)

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    The download site is a bit confusing, i only just found this now.

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    Thank you, Domien yes i did experiment with line settings.

    i am working with Feedbacks above 95% to basically create steady basstones from percussion on adc~, playable via midi keyboard. signals are getting limited all over the place to prevent internal clipping.
    However, especially when i jump from say 20ms feedback delays to 1000 ms there is lots of clicks suddenly.
    The DDG-1 is trickier. I has a dial to inc/dec the sample rate from 0.5-2 times the base rate, which obviously is responsible for the tape delay pitch effect.
    For this dial it supplies 5 different delay ranges, 2, 8, 32, 128 and 512 ms, and it has a hold button, which shuts input off and reads the buffer only.
    The total buffer has 512 ms always, but can be played back at variable sample rate between 256 and 1024 ms.
    If i switch to a shorter delay range, say 32 and turn off HOLD, then only those 32 ms are being overwritten, the rest stays in the buffer until a longer option is selected.

    I want to emulate this behaviour as well as the variable sample rate of the delay buffer.

    The HOLD option is easy: Switch off delay input and turn feedback to 100 but i am afraid the rest of the buffer issues won`t work with delwrite~/vb~-

    Any recommendations which way to go?

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