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    been listening to heaps of jeff mills / robert hood / damon wild, that sort of techno lately. the influence seems to have crept through into this little jam i just did . it was 3 sample players playing samples of sounds all originating in pd, and then a couple of pd effects. just basic stuff from the diy library i posted a while back. controlled by computer mouse.


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    i am looking for:

    * audio files (sounds, tracks),
    * audio patches that generate samplable output.

    i need them to be made in pure data*, and only pure data. further explanation of that in the next post...

    if you have anything that you could 'donate', or if you know of an existing piece, then please add a patch or link to this thread.

    thanks.: matt

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  • hardoff

    | [values from 2000->20000]
    | /
    [*~ ]

    it's like the sound of putting a t-shirt over your head in the shower times 1000.

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    here is the updated version of my DIY library. it is a collection of various useful audio modules for music production.

    unfortunately my pd computer packed it in last week, so it is in a bit of a 90% completed state, but there should be enough stuff to play with until i get a chance to get in and get it all 100% done.

    open 000-introduction.pd to get started.


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    for a long time, i have been using 'cut everything into 16 equal sized chunks and then rearrange them' sample slicers. however, unless you use really even 4/4 loops, the end result never sounds really good.

    so today i made a couple of abstractions that let me visually choose which sections of a loop i want to trigger.

    the first is [breakpoint-maker], which you can use to line up your sample cut points and create a message box with all your cut-point data.

    and then the second is a little player abstraction called [smp-slice] that allows for pitched playback and sequencing of the sample sections.

    much nicer and cleaner sample cutting for sure.

    (edit - just added a little 5ms envelope to the player to avoid some clicks)


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    meant to post this ages ago, but never remembered.

    this is a stereo delay line granulator that takes audio input, and breaks it up into grain clouds. the resynthesized results can sound like raindrops, gibberish elf speak, pitch shift, reverb, etc...depending on the settings.

    sorry that the naming of the patch is in possible poor taste.


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    In the coming weeks and months i will release lots of stuff i have been working on as a library of pd modules called the 'DIY-LIBRARY'

    part one is "DIY-perk"

    11 tweakable percussion sounds all programmed in fairly simple (mostly vanilla) pd.





    FM HIHAT (thanks to andy obiwan)

    COWBELL (maybe not actually a cowbell)

    LOW TOM (thanks to stefan ichabod)

    HIGH TOM (thanks to stefan ichabod)

    AK47 GUNSHOT (thanks to andy obiwan)


    CRASH CYMBAL (thanks to stefan ichabod)

    requires a basic pd-extended installation (google 'hans pd installers' if you don't have this)

    sssad is used for the state saving, and is included in the .zip

    i have included a very basic generative sequence to demonstrate the sounds, but please sequence and mix using your favourite pd techniques.


    about 50 modules for building synths and effects units. stay tuned.


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    It's been about 5 years since i played with the actual buffer override plugin, but i think this patch does basically the same thing.

    stutters your audio up if you're into that sort of thing.

    also contains a nice little grid abstraction based on Chris McCormick's s-abstraction controller.

    pretty sure it's all vanilla pd.


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    finally found what i was looking for. [para_bp2~] in the iemlib, perfect for building a parametric eq.

    you can chain as many of these together as you need.


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    just did a jam for a mate, got a few dj'd tracks in there but generally live pd sample mashing.

    it's up on archive.org and contains lots of stuff which i shouldn't have licensed as creative commons. feel kinda bad about that. but anyway..


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    in a patch i have a gui slider, with 'init' clicked in the properties dialogue, and then a [loadbang] object.

    my question is, will the value for the gui slider always be initialized before the loadbang, or is it related to creation order or other factors?

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  • hardoff


    interesting read on the geometry of the most famous drumbeat ever.

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    attaching a waveshaper i made after reading the documentation of the kurzweil k2000 synth. it makes very good squelchy sounds, and can really boost a synth so it stands out in the mix.


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    i'm going to india soon, so i've been getting my trance vibe on.


    all synthesized, sequenced and mixed in pd, using 2 small vocal samples for a bit of effect (it's trance, so they're 'hidden' anyway)

    won't post the patch yet, it's still very much a work in progress.

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    this is too cute:

    also check out the guy's other videos. a few lovely pure data examples in there too.

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    for the first time in a year or so, i am trying out some gem visuals, and it all used to work fine on my old powerbook,

    but now, on a macbook (not pro, os 10.4), [pix_texture] is not really working properly. it will play SOME of my jpgs, but most of them return a 'GL : invalid value' error.

    i read a lot of mailing list archives and internet pages, and some people suggested turning on mode 0 or mode 1, quality 0 or quality 1..etc but nothing works.

    is anyone here using gem on a macbook? do you also get this problem? any solutions?

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    i started learning a bit about this program... it looks amazing.

    anyone here using it?

    i got a few basic things going already.....made minor alterations to existing patches...

    how long does it take to get well into?

    i am hoping to make some really cool interactive guis for my pd patches with this. looks very promising.

    also...has anyone tried doing audio in it?

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  • hardoff

    first release version of a 'real' sound editor for pd.



    zoom in/out



    fade in/out

    much more is planned for this. but i have another project for a little while.

    it should work in vanilla pd, but i just tried it on my linux machine and realized that an older computer with a low resolution monitor won't show the entire patch. version 2 will probably fix that as well. also i still haven't added record from adc~, also will be added in version 2.

    also, there is no readme or instructions, but it should all be pretty straight forward.

    the 2 sliders below the arrays are for left edge select and right edge select. mix,paste etc all begin at the left edge. make sure you keep the right edge select in front of the left edge, or else weird stuff might happen and pd could crash. i will add a safeguard for that in version 2 as well.

    also, long vertical slider on the left hand side changes pitch. this is a handy function which i have never seen in a sound editor before.


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  • hardoff

    this is the patch i have been playing live with for the last 2 years or so.

    hopefully it will work for anyone with pd-extended. i have a feeling that some bits woN't work on windows though.

    i have included a bunch of samples, but you can delete them and add your own if u want.


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