• druffdan

    ah!, forum update just came through and it is fine now. Ghosts in the machine :)

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    thanks guys, BTW, my 2nd post in this thread seems completely garbled, I must have accidentally clicked in the text box mid-typing. apologies for that!!

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    True enough, but the problem is most frustrating when I have been reading through a thread on a particular subject, with a keyword in the title. Then the next day try to find it again by searching for the exact keyword, only to be presented with posts not containing the keyword, (sometimes not even any letters from it!!)

    I shall save some examples next time it happends!

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    for some reason, whatever I search for, even using "" and selecting "title only" the results rarely match what im looking for, and i still have to scroll through endless posts to find something relavent..

    am I missing something?

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    this is excellent, instantly addictive. love it!

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  • druffdan

    @LiamG said:

    I might not be following you correctly, but you might be able to use [closebang] to eg. reset a counter in the parent patch when the abstraction is deleted.

    Regarding dynamic deleting, the best option I'm aware of is [iemguts/canvasdelete]. You might need to use it in conjunction with [iemguts/canvasindex] in order to identify the right object to delete. This can be tricky...

    Thanks LiamG, this works a treat, a combination of those three does exactly what i need, and has given me some ideas about another patch. :)

    @solipp said:

    you can use the find, cut message if you search for arguments like "1-LFO" instead of "LFO". but in this case you have to make shure that there is no "1-LFO" stored in the obj-creation message, otherwise pd will crash. and you might have to replace your send and receive args inside the LFO abstraction.
    anyway, MODULATOR_delete.pd maybe this brings you one step forward

    And thanks solipp, that's also really handy to know, but seeing as Liam's solution gets rid of about half my patch im going to go with that on this one. thanks for taking the time to edit my patch. much appreciated!


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  • druffdan

    thanks for the swift reply. I shall try these out ! btw I have spent some serious hours on this forum and your suggestions for otheres have been invaluable so thanks for them too!

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  • druffdan

    I am trying to make a system for dynamically creating modulators for a synth, so far I have it so that each time "LFO" is selected from a popup, a new one is created, with an argument one bigger than the last, (arg used to send~ $1-LFO etc). The problem comes when I have deleted an LFO, and create another one, it keeps adding to the last number, not "filling the gap" for instance:

    when i have in existence:
    LFO 1
    LFO 2

    LFO 4

    the next LFO created is "LFO 5", not "LFO 3". It works fine if you remove the last LFO from the patch.

    I am currently exploring list management but it is quite complicated. I feel it's so close but just out of reach.

    I would also like to find a way to delete these LFO objects dynamically instead of entering edit mode.
    the closest I have come is:
    [find LFO, cut(

    but it seems to cut each object (even messages) containing the symbol "LFO", and I cannot seem to "point" it to the one I want to delete!

    In both cases, I'm sure im over complicating, but have learnt enough in my own process of exploration now and need some guidance!

    patch attached, with LFO included Modulator w LFO included.zip

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  • druffdan

    @druffdan it is worth saying that i had disable ttyAMA0 in the startup file (cant remember which now) to "free it up" and that worked.

    I am now looking into dev/pts/0 but that is also not churning any numbers through :(

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  • druffdan

    Some context

    I have a accelerometer/gyro/compass (Minimu9 v3) connected to my RPi by i2c.

    It is working fine, and the minimu9-ahrs software pipes the data perfectly to a visualizer (ahrs-visualizer) using the following terminal command :

    ~$ minimu9-ahrs | ahrs-visualizer

    I am trying a similar command to send the same data to the serial device ttyAMA0

    ~$ minimu9-ahrs > ttyAMA0

    when executed, the cursor drops to the next line and waits (does this mean it is sending?)

    I can see the serial device in PD, and it appears to be open:

    "[comport] opened serial line device 0 (/dev/ttyAMA0)
    port_list: 0 /dev/ttyAMA0"

    BUT - I am getting no data,

    would anyone know if I am on the right track?

    ps. I have reached this stage with alot of trial and error, and literally no idea what im doing ( it has taken about a week - since i got my Pi and also started learning PD!)

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