• Boran Robert

    Here is a quick demo of the kind of things you can do with my modular synthesizer system called NoxSiren .

    NoxSiren System :

    Kor'In Synthesizer :

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  • Boran Robert

    @beem The idea to have everything organized in a more advance fashion is good, but to be honest the cost of maintaining such a system is time consuming and needs a very active community. A lot of users who are new to PD just want quick access to hard work material that takes huge amount of time and knowledge to make, without spending time to learn it. So by making the process of getting various patches more easy will not encourage learning. This trend of having everything "at you fingernail" without work, reading or curiosity is like a modern fancy software interface that looks good but lacks serious software engineering principles. I also think that a serious backup of this forum is a smart move in order to keep years of hard work intact. The material of this forum contains years of hard work, devotion, passion, shared by very special people and it will be a great lost if we don't preserve it in a form or another.

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  • Boran Robert

    Kor'in an advance example of how to create an entire synthesizer using only NoxSiren [v4.0] system. This is non-standard subtractive synthesizer model but can be modified into a hybrid complex model.

    What is NoxSiren system ?? <--

    Kor'in Download :

    -Kor'in Structure-

    • Kor'in birds eye view
    • Kor'in voice unit
    • Kor'in delay unit
    • Kor'in noise unit
    • Kor'in SMU unit

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  • Boran Robert

    @tungee Thank you. Glad to hear that.

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  • Boran Robert

    @jyg Perfect. Also keep in mind that NoxSiren is design to work in Pure Data. On the other hand it is compatible with Purr Data but needs GUI twiking and more tests to make sure it works. I am seriously consider to have a fork version of NoxSiren for Purr Data but for now i stick to Pure Data. I need more time for that.

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  • Boran Robert

    @jyg Hello. I checked by downloading NoxSiren v1.8 rar file, extracted it and it is working. Please send me an image of the error you have. Maybe i can help you. Thanks

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  • Boran Robert

    NoxSiren is a modular synthesizer system where the punishment of failure is the beginning of a new invention.

    Kor'in a full blown 6-voice polyphonic synthesizer made with NoxSiren system.

    Boran Blix - Kelno'Reem <- music track made with NoxSiren system.

    Playing with NoxSiren system.

    --DOWNLOAD-- NoxSiren for :

    #-= Cyber Notes [v8.0] =-#
    replaced MIDIKEYS module with MONO-KEYS module.
    replaced MIDIKEYS2 module with POLY-KEYS modules.
    added MONO-KEYS module.
    added POLY-KEYS-2 module.
    added POLY-KEYS-3 module.
    added POLY-KEYS-4 module.
    added POLY-KEYS-5 module.
    added POLY-KEYS-6 module.
    extended the envelope duration parameter range for ADSR, C-ADSR modules.

    #-= Current Modules [v8.0] =-#

    • VCO (voltage-controlled-oscillator)
    • VCO2 (advance voltage-controlled-oscillator)
    • WAVEBANK (additive synthesis oscillator)
    • ADSR (Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelope)
    • C-ADSR (Curved Attack-Decay-Sustain-Release envelope)
    • MONO-KEYS (virtual 1-voice monophonic MIDI keyboard)
    • POLY-KEYS-2 (virtual 2-voice polyphonic MIDI keyboard)
    • POLY-KEYS-3 (virtual 3-voice polyphonic MIDI keyboard)
    • POLY-KEYS-4 (virtual 4-voice polyphonic MIDI keyboard)
    • POLY-KEYS-5 (virtual 5-voice polyphonic MIDI keyboard)
    • POLY-KEYS-6 (virtual 6-voice polyphonic MIDI keyboard)
    • NOISE (generates black,brown,red and orange noise)
    • NOISE2 (generates yellow,blue,pink and white noise)
    • COBALT (6-stage polyrhythm generator)
    • SHAPER (basic shaper unit)
    • FOLDER (basic wave folding unit)
    • STEREO-FOLDER (stereo wave folding unit)
    • DUAL-FOLDER (advance wave folding unit)
    • POLARIZER (transform a signal into bi-polar, uni-polar, inverted or inverted uni-polar form)
    • CLOCK (generates a BPM clock signal for sequencing other modules)
    • CLOCKDIVIDER (a clock divider with even division of clock signal)
    • CLOCKDIVIDER2 (a clock divider with odd division of clock signal)
    • DELAY (delay unit)
    • STEREO-DELAY (stereo delay unit)
    • CHORUS (chorus unit)
    • STEREO CHORUS (stereo chorus unit)
    • SEQ (advance 16-step/trigger sequencer)
    • KICK (synthesize kick unit)
    • KICK2 (synthesize flavor of KICK module)
    • KICK3 (synthesize flavor of KICK module)
    • SNARE (synthesize snare unit)
    • CLAP (synthesize clap unit)
    • CYMBAL (synthesize cymbal unit)
    • RAND (RNG generator for other modules parameters)
    • FMOD (feedback modulation unit)
    • RMOD (ring modulation unit)
    • LFO (low-frequency-oscillator)
    • LFO2 (advance low-frequency-oscillator)
    • COMBINATOR (combine two waves)
    • COMBINATOR2 (combine three waves)
    • COMBINATOR3 (combine four waves)
    • STRING (Karplus-Strong string synthesis unit)
    • STRING2 (advance Karplus-Strong string synthesis unit)
    • DETUNER (parametric 4-channel detuner unit)
    • CRUSHER (basic audio resolution unit)
    • STEREO-CRUSHER (basic stereo audio resolution unit)
    • DUAL-CRUSHER (advance audio resolution unit)
    • FILTER (basic filter)
    • VCF (voltage-controlled-filter)
    • MAR (Moog-analog-resonant filter)
    • VCA (voltage-controlled-amplifier)
    • DUAL-VCA (advance voltage-controlled-amplifier)
    • FMUX (multiplexer with fast A/D internal envelope)
    • MMUX (multiplexer with medium A/D internal envelope)
    • SMUX (multiplexer with slow A/D internal envelope)
    • FDMX (demultiplexer with fast A/D internal envelope)
    • MDMX (demultiplexer with medium A/D internal envelope)
    • SDMX (demultiplexer with slow A/D internal envelope)
    • MIXER (mix 1-4 possible waves)
    • SCOPE (oscilloscope analyzer)
    • MASTER (fancy DAC~)
    • BOX (useless decorative module)

    Integrated menu system [v6.0] :

    NoxSiren [v5.0] :

    A glimpse into NoxSiren [v3.0] :

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  • Boran Robert

    @tungee In order to load the Akhenaten abs into a new patch you need to type : [akhenaten~] Also your new patch must be saved in the same directory as the [akhenaten~] abstraction. It is working just fine. Also i used Pure Data for it.

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  • Boran Robert

    Akhenaten - A powerful plucked/string generator. Invented by Ninjas.

    Download :
    Akhenaten 1.rar

    Snapshot :


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  • Boran Robert

    @60hz An arrow design is elegant and better then the square.

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  • Boran Robert

    @jancsika I think it is better to display it inside the main rectangle. For the sizes of various canvas objects i just use the normal property.

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  • Boran Robert

    @jancsika The very small square inside my A square is not a problem. I can make it 1x1 pixel. The problem is the additional blue squares outside my A square GUI object. I understand the purpose of those but when i move pixel by pixel the entire A square it blocks my view. Maybe instead of removing them (that seem tricky) you can add some alpha general property that all additional blue squares become a little bit transparent. On the other hand i really like the dropdown object (very handy stuff) + i see Purr Data as a great improvement over Vanilla. Many thanks and for now i will manage somehow.

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  • Boran Robert

    Hello. Is there a possibility to remove the small blue square selection from GUI objects in Purr Data ? Many thanks.

    Snapshot :

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  • Boran Robert

    Hello. Is there any library that have a working knob object similar to the knob object from Pure Data extended ?

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  • Boran Robert

    xline~ is an extension of the line~ object with the possibility to control the curve from linear to logarithmic.

    Borg Manual :

    • Left-top inlet <- your sound, EX: an oscillator.

    • Middle-top inlet <- a value in the range [0-1] that is a volume control.

    • Right-top inlet <- a value in the range [1-8] that is the curve control.

    • Bottom-left outlet <- your output from the xline~ object.

    object download :

    Usage :


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