• Boran Robert

    Hello. Is there any library that have a working knob object similar to the knob object from Pure Data extended ?

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  • Boran Robert

    xline~ is an extension of the line~ object with the possibility to control the curve from linear to logarithmic.

    Borg Manual :

    • Left-top inlet <- your sound, EX: an oscillator.

    • Middle-top inlet <- a value in the range [0-1] that is a volume control.

    • Right-top inlet <- a value in the range [1-8] that is the curve control.

    • Bottom-left outlet <- your output from the xline~ object.

    object download :

    Usage :


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  • Boran Robert


    you should use a logarithmic line~ object to adjust the curve as smooth as you want.
    On top of that you should apply a Nyquist correction to the output of your oscillator abstraction.
    So here you have some imagines how to do that. The Nyquist abstraction is used in the output of the triangle oscillator abstraction as an example. Then the final output can be controlled with a logarithmic line~ object.

    OBS : If you need more then one oscillator you can apply this for each oscillator and then use a mixer and then the output of the mixer you use again the same idea. In this way you have an oscillator smooth stage control and a final mixer stage control for extra smoothness.

    This is just the simple mono smooth control (no curve adjustment)

    The same idea but as a stereo version

    Here is with logarithmic smooth control (with curve adjustment)

    Here you have a Nyquist correction abstraction

    Here you have a triangle oscillator with Nyquist correction

    You can also download xline~ which is an object that is doing just that :

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  • Boran Robert

    @MikeMorenoDSP Nice. I am also working on Nek'Sum. It is a drone/texture monophonic synthesizer. I still have many ideas to add to my synthesizer. Very curious about the hyper-LFO (what is the difference between hyper-LFO and a normal LFO ?). Here is my synthesizer if you are interested in : https://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/13076/nek-sum-a-drone-texture-monophonic-synthesizer. I like your GUI design.

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  • Boran Robert

    Nek'Sum drone/texture monophonic synthesizer is compose of 5 stages :

    First stage -> 3 main OSC (tri,sqr,saw).
    Second stage -> Filter stage compose of 4 filters : Pass through, Lowpass, Highpass, Bandpass for the first stage.
    Third stage -> 3 LFO (sin,tri,sqr,saw) modulators for the second stage.
    Forth stage -> 3 Phasor's for the third stage.
    Fifth stage -> 1 Deep Reverb with Lowpass filter for the forth stage.

    It is capable of generating a large soundscape of drone/texture sounds inspired by The Doctor.

    Thanks to Seven of Nine Nek'Sum is now at version [v2.0]

    • This new version has a better GUI interface powered by a Borg-Casimir engine.

    Patch Download :

    Nek'Sum and Nek'Sum-2 snapshot :



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  • Boran Robert


    Mono volume smooth control

    Stereo volume smooth control

    Mono volume smooth control with curve adjustment

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  • Boran Robert

    @8v01d Nice. Now you can expand this by adding different VCO and put everything into a nice GUI interface. If you want i can help you with the VCO design and also with the GUI design. Then you can make a cool Youtube video as livecoding Jam in Pure Data. I also think you can share your patch for others to learn. You have great potential and the path is yours.

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  • Boran Robert

    Thanks for sharing. Really nice.

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  • Boran Robert

    @beem PWM (Pulse-Width-Modulation) for the square/pulse wave. It affects the duty cycle of the wave. You can also make a shifting wave where you can smoothly transition from one shape type to another but this is a far more complex non-standard wave. I use only basic standard waves. It is also possible to combine this standard waves to have something more complex..

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