• baordog

    Is there a way to force PD to read a non musical, say a PDF, as if it were sound?

    I know that Audacity could do this, but I'm curious about how it's done on a lower level.

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  • baordog

    Since the new version of max all of my max friends are raving about the bitwise operators. I've never understood how this would you do anything in audio.

    Do you think you could give me a clue?

    For instance the idea of a bitwise granular synthesizer is exciting them a great deal...

    Thought I knew audio, and I have no clue why this would be advantageous.

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  • baordog

    Hey all!

    The recent discussions on physical modeling have me doing lots of spectral analysis lately. I'm curious about tracking down the individual qualities of a given instrument, for instance the wolf tones in a cello, or the exact properties of a Bass Clarinet Flutter Tongue.

    Do you guys know of any strategies/papers/projects that can help me in this quest?

    Of course I can do tons of FFT, but I'm not 100 percent sure what I'm looking for inside the tone of each of these, and I think FFT works best when you know what you are looking for.


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  • baordog

    I'm designing a small media work in GEM, and I have a couple of questions!

    1. Does anyone know how to get around the fact that PD will only take keyboard commands from an open/active window?

    for instance if I maximize the GEM window the "Key" object stops reading the commands. This is really hindering the effectiveness of my piece.

    1. Is there a good way "switch scenes" in Gem? I suppose I could find every element in my scene and set it to zero, but I would be very pleased if thee was a way to shut off an entire GEM head.

    Thanks for your time and consideration!

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  • baordog

    So I just got a new computer, and I put PD on it. This time I around I started saving all my stuff in the PD directory just to keep things better organized.

    Weird Problem: My PD files seem compleatly invisable to everything but PD. When I search for them in e-mail/windows search they don't come up.

    Does the PD folder have some kind of magic file hiding abilities? I'm hoping this can be disabled.

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  • baordog

    Hmmm so I've been trying to record with Pix_record, and though the console seems to verify my correct usage of the object, I get no movie file in the end.

    Is it because I'm on windows?

    I have a sinking feeling...

    The patch creates some cool visuals, so I'd be double happy to see it actually record something- screen caps programs are such a mess!


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  • baordog

    I've been messing around with bouncing balls to control variables.

    Here is the first iterations of my project, suggestions are much welcomed!

    The main patch is "ball machine".

    The synth sounds come from my little markov generator patch on the inside, with some interesting mangling over them.


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  • baordog

    I'm trying to build a patch that will read a sound file and cycle randomly through the individual samples, or larger groupings of samples.

    This is my first attempt here using a table. It doesn't work very well at the moment.

    Here are a few of the problems floating around in my head

    1. I can't get a number box to take a number as big as the sound file, so when random puts out a number too high I get a +

    2. Currently I can't think of a way to get it to play "chunks". I'd like to be able to say select a chunk size and have the program select random chunks of the sound file at that size. I can imagine vline helping me with this, but I'm not sure how to get vline to accept multiple variables, or how to control the chunk size.

    ideally, I would be able to play with the chunk size to get something that sounds more or less music with big chunks, and more like noise at small chunks.

    I'm sure there's a better approach to this whole problem, and I wouldn't be surprised if someone had done this same exact project before, so I'd greatly appreciate your suggestions!



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  • baordog

    Has anyone tried to build a 3d spectrogram in PD?

    I saw Luke Dubois use one here :

    I'm assuming that this is a MAX patch, but maybe it's a stand alone program. It seems like it would be possible, with some degree of expertise, to do this in GEM.

    Any thoughts?

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  • baordog

    It seems I'm missing hid and &&~ in my version of pd extended.

    I'm pretty sure I shouldn't have to download these myself.

    Could it be because I'm on windows?

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