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    @ingox said:

    I don't know why, but i made this: shepardtone.pd. The display can also be used to change the pitch. :)

    Great patch, I like the data structure visuals and the shepard sound.. Thanks for sharing.

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    ~moduLaRe~ is mainly a personal tool for processing live flute sound in a creative way, but at the end it became something interesting that I think is worth sharing. The tool is based on work done by other people, in particular on a patch by Stephen Christopher Stamper (and other people that kindly shared their work, please see the acknowledgements in the user manual). I’m mostly interested to the flute, but in principle it should work with any input provided. ~moduLaRe~ is conceived as a “live performance” tool: my set-up is composed by a laptop, a midi keyboard, a microphone and a Korg NanoKontrol. The NanoKontrol allows the player to interact with the instrument easily and minimizes the use of mouse, giving much more freedom when interacting with a musical instrument. The computer keyboard is used for controlling the patch parameters as well. The user has 4 possible inputs/controls: pc keyboard, MIDI keyboard, Korg NanoKontrol and microphone. Controllers are connected on the audio board and to the PC. Note that even without the Nanocontrol and midi keyboard still microphone and pc keyboard provide useful inputs. The following is the ~moduLaRe~ user interface:

    You can get modulare here (v 0.11 - small bug fix).

    Have a look at the manual first (it is included in the download archive).

    Feedback, improvements, suggestions are welcome. If you find any bug please post it here.
    Tested on pd 0.42.5 extended (on Windows)

    Modulare is a PureFun(C) project.



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    I uploaded a piece on soundcloud, variations on the traditional English folk song "Greensleeves" .
    Live flute processing in Pure Data, using pd tool "modulare".

    Enjoy, feedback always welcome.


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    I was reading Miller Puckette's interesting article on "Smeck" guitar patch.
    Has anyone a link for some output sounds from this patch?


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    Hi all, while loading files on the forum I got errors and the file isn't loaded after pressing "submit".
    Last one I tried (on Win Vista, Google chrome) I got an error like this:

    Error: Unable to move file from: /tmp/phpGNFH0m to attach/1146769eddbdf34c3a1d8f2f0f16a58b/9e1a918ba5220222b185dbf2c1eafa29.attach.

    Any hints?



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    Some sounds from the Granitique instrument posted here.

    Edit: it seems that for some reasons I'm not able to upload the file.

    Let's try to get it from here

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    A granular instrument built around the granule~ external by Eric Lyon (part of Lyon Potpourri collection of externals for MAX and pd).

    The short story: when Eric Lyon published his Potpourri collection of externals in 2006 I was kind of amazed by them.
    Soon I liked "granule~". So after some (looong) time, I decided to build something with it. Here it is:

    Attached the zip file containing externals compiled for Win and Linux. No Mac's here around, sorry.
    More details (where to find the externals, etc etc.) in the readme within the attachment .
    It there are bugs or any bullshits in it please let me know.

    It's a PureFun! project, so ... have fun.


    Edit: few sounds out of it on the output section


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    Hi all,

    that's what I wanted for a recent project, and attached is one possible solution I found.
    In practise, by using canvas labels (and list2symbol from zexy)
    you can get numbers in GUIs without using number boxes, looking OK within "graph-on-parent".
    See attached patch (slide_me), using pd extended fonts for canvas labels.
    By the way, I noticed that one font (Deja Vu Sans Mono) is looking quite differently in
    windows w.r.t. Linux (more "pixellosity")
    Any other solutions like this?


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    I'd like to share "Tuner", which, as the subject says, is a two-panels, crossfading, enveloping sampler patch.
    Nothing really new nor awesome, just a PureFun(TM) project ...
    Here's a screenshot:

    • Requirements:
      Grid from "Unauthorized" library (Pd Extended it's fine)

    • How to play:
      on startup the patch loads four+four default samples. Activate the start/stop dsp button
      and start moving the "TUNER" control in the center of the patch. This gives
      more weight to each of the four samples. With the control in the middle all samples
      are mixed together. If you move the second slider on the right the second set of samples
      are activated now. Simple, isn't it?

    There is the possibility to manually load a set of four samples, and you can do it
    while the other panel is active (if the samples are not too heavy).
    For example, if the left panel is active load 4 sample
    on the right panel (and don't forget to resynch after loading if needed!).

    Download link: http://alberto.zin.googlepages.com/Tuner_v09.zip (it's ~ 10 Mb, with samples -
    worth giving a try!). Otherwise attached here is a version without default samples.

    Have fun. Feedback, suggestions, criticism is welcome.



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    Hi, I'd like to point out a nice Pd&GEM patch by M. Colasso,
    called "SantiagoAtmospherico". According to the author it's a "sound toy",
    but I like the "ambient" spirit of it and the nice GEM visualization.


    on that site there is the link to the patch (quite large, 100 Mb, due to three very large samples)


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