HI Everyone,

I’m one of the developers at n-Track Software, a little audio software house based in Rome since 1993.
Our main product is n-Track Studio a cross-platform Digital Audio Workstation available for Mac, Windows, iOs and Android (www.ntrack.com).

n-Track Studio is an entry level software, designed for hobbyists and semi-professional musicians, as well as researchers and students.
For these reasons, we have also developed a new VST3 available only for desktop version of the Studio to allow to load and use Pure Data patches inside the workstation.

Currently we only support the patches created using Pure Data Vanilla distribution and we only support the visualization of sliders, canvas, radio buttons, buttons and toggle items.
I’m still working to improve the plugin and its features.

I’m also adding a section in the user guide and a tutorial to help users use the plugin. The links are available as soon as possibile on our web site.

We’re currently looking for beta tester to help us to improve the plugin.
You could download the Studio at this link:

I have also prepared a temporarily FAQ page to help user to create compatible pd patch for n-Track Studio:

I hope you’ll enjoy our project to make a new tool for the Pure Data community.