• willmichaelsen

    Sorry for late reply I forgot to subscribe to the topic.
    Attached is my latest version, do you happen to know where to get the movie file writing codecs for [pix_record]? I want to record some video from GEM for an audio/video project I'm working on.


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  • willmichaelsen

    @tvprodukt said:

    new version of my patch uses videofile as a texture and i have a lot of my own videos which also fits well.

    Hey tvprodukt,
    I know this is an old topic, but I am just recently starting to experiment with GEM and I found this thread on google. I have been playing around with your originally posted cubes patch for the past week trying to implement it for video. How did you do it? I can get a single frame of the video to project onto the cubes but it wont play the whole clip. I really like the cubes patch though, it has proved to be super adaptable and I have learned a lot by tinkering with it, thanks!

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  • willmichaelsen

    hey StraitFire,
    I'm just getting into this GEM stuff, but I have made a customized version of your repeater2 patch. I will figure out how to upload it if anyone wants. I filmed it at the beginning of a youtube video I just posted.

    the video isn't that great but I figured I'd share it. I think the next step for me is adding midi control, oh yeah and learning how bonk~ works. I kinda just attached objects together until it looked crazy. Also added random numbers triggered by the bonk~ bangs and controlling various parameters and some more shapes. I also added a bunch of inlets to your light subpatches. long story short its really trippy and possibly seizure inducing depending on the sound input

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