• toddak

    @whale-av The firewall idea is a good one, however that patch that you sent through, with the two sliders, works totally fine when working across the same WiFi network. So if that works am I right in thinking that that isn't the case?

    I edited the original patch you send me (see attached), to control two computers and send the bang, and it seems to work fine! Argh...

    It makes me think that it could be an issue with naming conventions in terms of naming my sends, and/or how they are interpretted by route. Is that a possibility?

    I've attached the patches that are currently working, but I'd love to know why the originals didn't work still. As far as I can tell they are the same apart from naming conventions.

    I did also change the sliders, sending values of 0-127 and then also 0-1, but I saw no difference there.


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  • toddak

    @ddw_music Thankyou so much, that really clarifies things in real world terms!

    Overall the patch isn't working still, and at the suggestion of @whale-av I've uploaded the patches here.

    The idea is that 'backpack_control02' sends messages to the two other patches, botanic_left_02 and botanic_right_02.

    The toggle box sends fine to both other computers simultaneously, but the sliders don't send at all. They're all just connecting over a local WiFi network.

    Any ideas as to what might be the issue?


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  • toddak

    @whale-av Yep, you're correct, I'm not sending OSC in this instance.

    And thanks for the patches, they work perfectly! Not sure what I was doing wrong, but I've got a distinct feeling it has to do with arguments for netsend.

    While I have read the helpfile, can you explain to me in terms of 'PD for Dummies' why in this instance the arguement is -u? Just in the spirit of further learning :)

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  • toddak

    HI all,

    I've got a simple issue when trying to send messages from one computer to another over a WiFi network.

    I have netsend and netreceive working a-ok when sending a bang, or a number. But I'm creating a very basic control interface, and so need to have muliple sliders/buttons/toggles working.

    I'm a Max user, so previously would have used something like 'Prepend' to add a word to the start of the value, and then use this word at the other end to route the value to where it needs to go.

    Sadly I can't figure out how to translate that knowledge to PD without installing externals (Find externals doesn't appear to be working...).

    Can someone please guide me through this?

    Many thanks -Todd AK

    I'm using PD 0.47.1 on a Raspberry pi.

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  • toddak

    @whale-av thanks for that, will give it a test once I return to the studio.

    There is actually no specific need to use PdParty, as all I actually need in this instance is a wireless controller. I assume that I'll have the same issues with TouchOSC if they use MrPeach objects too?

    To be blunt, this is almost the straw that breaks the camels back... I've been struggling with issues like this and PD Vanilla for awhile, and I'm close to just giving up and trying to save for something to run Max/MSP on instead as I have less issues and faster workflow when using that (like running it on a Latte Panda for instance).

    Is there any easy way to communicate wirelessly through IOS with PD Vanilla? Maybe I should look at a basic wireless / bluetooth Midi Controller instead? Very open to suggestions here before turning into a version of the Incredible Hulk....

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  • toddak

    Greetings team,

    All I'm currently trying to do is set up PdParty on an Iphone to control Pd on another computer via Wifi, not exactly rocket science I know, but I'm willing to admit that it's beyond me right now... :confused:

    I have spent the last hour or two looking through the PdParty test libraries as the documentation mentions a basic test send/recieve patch that can be used, but I can't seem to find it at all.

    Can anyone attached the basic pair here so I can figure out how it works?

    And because I'm continuing my ongoing understanding of networking, does OSC use specific IP address for communication like netsend/netrecieve, or is it a different beast based upon just using a port and then an associated name and value, with the name being used later to filter the value back out at the other end?

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  • toddak

    @whale-av that makes a lot of sense, and feels kind of obvious now you say it out loud :smiley:

    Seems to be working fine now, next step is to try and get it to work with PdParty!

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  • toddak

    Greetings all,

    I'm just trying to begin to understand how to use netsend and netreceive objects between two computers to transmit OSC messages (needs to be using PD vanilla for this project).

    I'm still very much learning networking, so am trying to limit myself to a basic example. But when I try these to patches, the one running the send patch bring up the messages:

    recv: Connection refused (61)
    netsend: Bad file descriptor (9)

    Warning: 19 removed from poll list but not found.

    Can someone help me to understand these errors, and then what to do to get these patches to talk to each other?

    The overall plan is to get get wireless control over a RPI running PD, and control it using PdParty on IOS.



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  • toddak

    @whale-av Thanks again for your help, and for explaining your patch further.

    I ended up just using flags in the startup for the rpi, which to my amazement worked first go, and seems to be a solid solution for the time being. Good to know there are other options thought!

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