• Tadbis

    Good night, good morning, good year...
    " When a noise bothers you, listen to it " he said.
    I love his silences.
    Then I put one silence in a patch , I named this: Silence en Cage.
    But I confess you who I have only followed the written (last version).
    Enjoy Silence en Cage & enjoy 2012!

    Post Scriptum:
    Sometime (parfois), I don't know why, there's a problem with the decorum...
    An advice would be fine, thank you.


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  • Tadbis

    Ho Ho, Mister anibal in this Tadcrypte?
    What are you doing in this cave?
    I hope you are fine.
    Mes meilleurs v½ux aussi, merci.
    Be carefull, when you'll take the exit,
    I smell a mammoth hereabouts
    See you... in Tübingen perhaps?
    Au plaisir

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