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    my first project in art school
    made with pd + reactivision

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    i need to access mousedata of a second usb mouse
    but when i try to use hid, console outputs

    Supported events:


    any clues?

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    after playing a while with kinect i come up with this.


    this project is not so much about the practical usability of a modeler, as the setup is complex and its rather exhausting...quite fun though...
    it is to enumerate kinects usability for an audiovisual live performance or as a presentation tool.

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    i do some research on how coordinate systems are handled in openGL.
    here is a example how [rotateXYZ] works.
    it does the same, by using a marix stack, but not in GL but outside, in pd - per pedes :)

    i guess one could say this is reinventig a wheel, but it actually has a purpose.
    if you rotate a coordinate system with [rotateXYZ] you loose the world coordinates of the objects in the co.sys. - this is bad if you want to select that object.
    this patch outputs world coordinates.
    and i think its a useful example that helps to understand how the stuff works on base level.

    if some people are interested in this, ill include some examples on this things in gem_engine.
    id also recommand you to use this patch with it, though its not necessary.
    download here...www.3rd-eye.at


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    hey guys!
    as the paragliding season is coming i want to build a variometer (flying instrument measuring ascent)
    that plays some nice loops instead of annoying beeps. i got an old airpressure sensor out of a broken vario and a arduino. i found a sketch that plays simple melodies. now i need to find some data to feed it with.

    arduino needs the following format:

    int melody[] = {

    // note durations: 4 = quarter note, 8 = eighth note, etc.:
    int noteDurations[] = {
    4, 8, 8, 4,4,4,4,4 };

    i never worked with midi files so i need your help here.
    i want to load midi file in pd, and analyse it there, to output a list of NOTES, and one of DURATIONS, to feed the flash memory with kinky gamboy sounds.

    any clues for me how to get NOTE + DURATION out of a midi stream?

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    even if audio is turned off i m not able to listen to music anymore when pd is open.
    quite annoying
    anybody any ideas?

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  • sonsofsol

    hey, i made some graphics for t-shirt printing...if someone seeks a nice xmas present...
    hope you like



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    hi everybody!
    im experimenting with some camera tracking and want to make a water surface, that is triggering waves where motion is detected.
    i found an old patch wich makes displacement according to a greyscale image so i build a little machine in a gemframebuffer that casts waves and feed it to the glsl displacement shader wich works good.
    now here is my problem:
    i want to display a separate image on the geometry distorted by glsl shader.
    but i have no idea how to modify the shader so i can feed her 2 textures :(
    can somebody help me?


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  • sonsofsol

    i share the fruits of a year of work on a 3d navigation system for gem.

    goto: www.3rd-eye.at and click blog to download it.

    i hope this will open many possibilities for tose interested in realtime 3d visuals and interactive installations.
    i also hope you will like it and help me to improve it over time.

    some more example files will follow, when i find the time to clean up.

    knowen issues:
    it was developed on win, it works also on other platforms, but the keyboardmapping was a problem i couldnt solve by now, if someone could help, id be glad.

    please report if you experience bugs, and id be also glad to receive a note if you make somethig nice :)

    GEM-Engine 1.0 is a collection of abstractions for PureData Extended.

    It employs 3D navigation like you know it from 3D Programms like 3Ds Max or others in GEM, Pd's openGL engine.
    It enables you to navigate in 3d space using your mouse, or other input devices. It provides objects to select and move things in space among many other useful little tools for creating your interactive realtime 3d scenes within Pd.

    There is also a bunch of MaxScripts, that export coordinate lists of any kind of animated objects from 3DsMax to Pd. By this procedure you can use motion data produced by ParticleFlow, Physics Simulations, Biped-Skeleton Animations or whatever in GEM.
    If you use another 3D Programm you will have to write your own export scripts, which shouldnt be hard to do. IF YOU SUCCEED please let me know, so i can include them in the package. I'd also be glad to hear your experiences with it, just drop me a mail sonsofsol@gmx.net

    why PD?

    * span the gemwindow over a couple of gfx-card outputs using expanded desktop mode (9 screens @ 1280 x 1024 is the most i did)

    * use multiple inputs for machine user interaction like: Wii Controller (piped via osc from Karl Kenners Glovepie), MIDI devices, sensors with Arduino boards, Live Camera Tracking with openCV or EyesWeb, Wacom tablets, ARToolkit coordinates, SoundAnalysis… (procedures are platform dependend) ....actually pd can connect with whatever runs on electricity.

    * output multichannel audio

    * control mechatronics using Arduino, DMX or MIDI.

    All this makes my little Gem engine a good place to start developing interactive multimedia installations or sound reactive VJ sets.

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    i made this patches for an outdoor projection on a house. we will use mice and wacoms to draw the elements live onto it using 2 beams.
    it uses dynamic patching for the strokes and a little branching algorythm for the trees.
    after a tree is created it is snaped with snap2tex, and aferwards the same tree is created again with other random vals.

    hope you like it ;)

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    i want to buy a multitouch display like ACER T230H for presentations.
    now s my question if it will be possible to get the (x/y)coordinates of the single touch points via HID ?
    if anybody has experiences with this, and got one of these monitors working in pd id be glad for some advices, what to buy and wich drivers to get.

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  • sonsofsol

    my collegue
    markus brandt
    just put one of his generative music patches online as an everchanging livestream...

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    is it possible to use pix_ operations like pix_blur on the content of a texture generated with gemframebuffer?

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    i have a tripod of 3 vectors, all 90deg to eachother.
    x1,x2,x3 ---> viewvector
    y1,y2,y3 ---> crossproduct1 of viewv.
    z1,z2,z3 ---> crossproduct2 of viewv.
    how can i set an objects rotation to this new rotation matrix?
    i have a halfbaked solution with rotateXYZ that computes angles, but i guess it should be possible to override the rotation matrix somehow, wich would be much nicer.
    thanks for help in advance.

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  • sonsofsol

    hi everybody!
    this is the project that im actually working on.

    this going to be the main menu for a presentation patch.
    its intended to be used with multitouch in future.

    it consitts of several planets (each an abstraction) wich get their initial parameters like: indexnumber; radius of revolution, planetsize, revolutionspeed as creation argument.
    the planets can be linked to another and gets a moon of that planet then.
    eachone can be selected by mousclick and media of all kind can be connected.
    hope you like it

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    i'd like to attatch a selection of verticals of a model to bones, aka "skinning".
    does anybody know the OPENGL command to select verticles by their index number?

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