• rvirmoors

    this thread is great!

    @lacuna said:

    @oid recommended this, I haven't tried yet:

    hard on PD


    thanks for mentioning my plugin! You can also discuss it on its thread or on the github. Although I've already forgotten all I ever knew about tcl so... :)

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  • rvirmoors

    just added the Ctrl+I shortcut to open the inspector (Properties) popup window

    haha this was such a pain to figure out in Tcl... every time I add something it feels like learning it almost from scratch.

    btw this shortcut is actually also a TODO in Pd's pd-gui.tcl, hmm...

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  • rvirmoors

    @oid awesome, thanks!

    i'm not a big fan (yet?) of autopatching... I'd prefer new objects to appear right under my cursor when pressing N, instead of under what's currently selected. But I can see why people like and use this feature, and keeping a new object selected is Max-like, so I included your suggestion.

    (maybe a nice compromise would be for the new object to be connected to the selected one, just spawned at the mouse position? I'm not sure this can be done using just tcl...)

    i also added the extra space to the object names. I'd thought of this too, not sure why i hadn't put it in.

    the number keys idea is neat but i'm not convinced it needs to be included as default... Which just led me to create a maxhotkey.cfg file where you can easily override the defaults.

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  • rvirmoors

    yeah with completion-plugin i submitted an issue and hopefully that will get fixed. Did you try the fix I linked to above?


    pdtk_text_editing_old $mytoplevel $tag $editing

    at the end of the pdtk_text_editing proc in completion-plugin.tcl (line 691)

    i haven't tried other plugins but yeah, those might raise other conflicts... I'm very new at Tcl so my code is pretty hacky; any suggestions for improvement are welcome :)

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  • rvirmoors

    Get it here: https://github.com/RVirmoors/maxhotkey-pd

    I'm mainly focused on the basic mechanic (probably 90% of my patching) of pressing N to make an object, having it stick to the canvas and hide the cursor while you type in the name, and then pressing Return to apply it.

    I assume most people here are already used to the existing Pd workflow, but for people like me who are attempting for the millionth time to come over from Max, this might come in handy.

    Another great thing to have would be autocomplete. I tried it with completion-plugin, and with a small adjustment they seem to play well together. The next step would be to have autocompletion trigger automatically in a Max-like way... I hope I can find time to look into that.

    I also just tested the plugin with Seb's pdnext, and it seems to work just fine, yay!

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  • rvirmoors

    just bumping this to say I see there's still activity on that pull request, and it would be brilliant if it would finally be merged with vanilla. great job @seb-harmonik-ar !

    (i just want to color my signal cords!)

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  • rvirmoors

    as a way to ease the transition from Max to Pd, I'm writing a plugin that implements Max's hotkeys in Pd.
    I started from the super helpful script by Monetus and already got some stuff working...

    now I'd like to open an object's help by alt+clicking on it. Here's what I have now:

    bind all <Alt-Button-1> "::pdtk_canvas::done_popup %W 2"

    ..this leads to a "no such object" error, since (I guess) %W points to the window, not the object being clicked. I've looked everywhere but I can't figure out how to reference the object itself...

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