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    try to place your 2 spheres in 2 differents [gemhead],
    or use [separator. In your example you apply 2 differents rotations (one after the other) to 1 gemhead, so the 'glitch' effect

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    for easy to use "shadertoy glsl" to "gem glsl" you can use theses examples here :

    basically you have to copy/paste this glsl header code to be compliant with gem :

    /////////////////////////start Pd Header
    // 2015 Sofy Yuditskaya
    // put all the shadertoy constants here for ease of use
    uniform vec3      iResolution;           // viewport resolution (in pixels)
    uniform float     iGlobalTime;           // shader playback time (in seconds)
    uniform float     iTimeDelta;            // render time (in seconds)
    uniform int       iFrame;                // shader playback frame
    uniform float     iChannelTime[4];       // channel playback time (in seconds)
    uniform vec3      iChannelResolution[4]; // channel resolution (in pixels)
    uniform vec4      iMouse;                // mouse pixel coords. xy: current (if MLB down), zw: click
    // changed samplerXX to sampler2D so it would be recognized, you can also change it to samplerCube as needed
    uniform sampler2D iChannel0;          // input channel. XX = 2D/Cube
    uniform sampler2D iChannel1;          // input channel. XX = 2D/Cube
    uniform sampler2D iChannel2;          // input channel. XX = 2D/Cube
    uniform sampler2D iChannel3;          // input channel. XX = 2D/Cube
    uniform vec4      iDate;                 // (year, month, day, time in seconds)
    uniform float     iSampleRate;           // sound sample rate (i.e., 44100)
    void mainImage(out vec4 fragColor, in vec2 fragCoord);
    // changelog for Pd:
    //running mainImage() from main()
    // declared Shadertoy's usual variables above
    // declared iChannel0...3 variables individually
    void main(  )
        mainImage(gl_FragColor, gl_FragCoord.xy);
    //paste ShaderToy code below
    /////////////////////////end Pd Header

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    Works with Pd 0.43.1extended-20110908, G.E.M. 0.93 svn (8 sept too), and natty x86_64.
    You did it guido ! Bravo !
    And thanks for commenting your code, it help.
    Also : it seems that switching masks doesnt work well, only the depth buffer works, I have this warning :

    0(12) : warning C7532: global type sampler2DRect requires "#version 140" or later
    0(12) : warning C0000: ... or #extension GL_ARB_texture_rectangle : enable
    0(31) : warning C7531: global function texture2DRect requires "#extension GL_ARB_texture_rectangle : enable" before use

    But it may be my fault as I compiled GEM from svn on x86_64, and I'm not sure about gem's compilation options.

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    Great ! the dof effect on the video looks very nice, very good job !

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    with this command :
    nm -go Gem.pd_linux | grep ' T ' | grep 'setup' | grep -v '_ZN' | sed -e 's/Gem.pd_linux:...................//' | sed -e 's/_setup//'

    It seems that I get all the objects produced by GEM

    for more infos (in french) :

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    Nice thread ! I'm also curious about how to blur specific shapes in G.E.M., my goal is to provide a simple 'depth of field' effect, a kind of blur based on zbuffer.
    The 2 solutions I see for now :

    • repeat shapes (with [until] or glsl), because once repeated a lot forms could seems to be 'blurred', and more the form is far from the point of view more the shape is repeated
      see Gem/examples/10.glsl/10.geometry.pd or Gem/examples/02.advanced/20.double-gemhead_vs_repeat.pd

    • render a scene to a framebuffer, blur specific parts of the frame with a shader, based on zbuffer...

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    Hi, nice patch !
    I think it could be very nice to use texture displacements to animate the thing... ( [pix_coordinate] may do it ? )
    for pix_multiimage you can have a look at the attached file...


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    waaahh nice work and very nice 303 patch !
    thanks for sharing this!

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    hi, i think you have to try others/differents codecs, i don't know with windows what is the best choice, but under linux i usually use MJPEG codec...

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    send the message [dimen 400 300< (for example) to the [gemwin] object before creating the window...
    see the help file for [gemwin] and clic on [pd window property]

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