• rafiki

    hei PD-people,

    i do have problems with the sound output in pd. i'm using ubuntu 12.04 and pd 0.43.4 .
    it did cost me a lot of time installung the programm cause of ubuntu 12.04 - finally i did it, but have no output sound, when i test it with an own patch or the "Media->test audio..."-testing-patch.
    when i click on media->preferences->audio settings... i cant choose neither an input nor an output device. when i start puredata in the terminal with: "pd -listdev" i get the text file in the pd-Main-window:

    no audio input devices found
    no audio output devices found
    API number 2

    no midi input devices found
    no midi output devices found

    i tried enter the pd path in "media->preferences->path", so the prog searches after libraries or something for the audio devs...dunno....helped nothing

    in an older pd version i set the audio preferences to ALSA and i got sound. but this choice i dont have in this version, neither works in terminal: "pd -alsa".

    i do have sound in all other programs (if sb thinks its a general sound card problem..).

    unfortunately i dont have any informations to my sound card. its an old acer laptop (1694WLMi). not originally mine....

    i dont find any help in the internet for this case. not in this forum, too.
    any help would be very nice!!

    thank you in advance!!

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  • rafiki

    ok. i'll work through the troubleshooting....& write what happened. thanks.

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  • rafiki

    i've not installed jack_control....should i?
    through alsamixer i got following information:
    0 [ICH6]: ICH4 - Intel ICH6
    Intel ICH6 with Cx20468-31 at irq 17
    Advanced Linux Sound Architecture Driver Version 1.0.24

    ..but nothing else (unusual).
    hmm - maybe i should try installing pd again..

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  • rafiki

    unfortunately there are no sound card options in my BIOS.....:(

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  • rafiki

    i'm also very new in Pure Data......
    your patch has shown me, what's possible with PD. that's exactly i wanna do with it.
    thanks for the motivation. nice work.

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