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    Hi everyone!
    well, i bought myself a xaphoon lately, which is kind of a pocket saxophone and right now i'm struggling to learn how to read the musical notes and how to get them played with the instrument.
    i threw a little patch together which helps me get started.
    it includes only the basic notes of my instrument, but for now it's ok, maybe i'll upgrade it sometime.
    maybe someone here starts playing an instrument, too, so he could transfer/tune the patch for his instrument.
    it's also very expandable: i guess it wouldn't be too hard to programm a song which you would play along a la guitar hero (also with gem maybe). you could even program it to write down the notes (pitch and even length in the notation system)if you play something freestyle.

    if someone makes more of it, please share with us, thanks!

    ps: you need a microphone input of course


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    is this possible?
    i just want the effects to be partially on pix objects. in a defined area only.
    i couldn't find a helpfull object for this, so i'm trying to mask out (subtract, compare, diff etc) areas which i could use to lay over the original pix, using alpha transparency. also, i'm trying the other way around and both together, but so far i'm out of luck. has anybody done this before?
    i thought this shouldn't be too hard?!...

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    the ├╝berawesome guys Lluis Gomez i Bigorda and Yves Degoyon put lots of effort in developing opencv extentions for pd. some new objects are available and luckily now a precompiled version for osx! it should run on linux as well, windows i'm afraid not.

    so, finally i was able to run a face detection in pd today. thank you so much!


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  • radiostarkiller

    i'd like to know which programs u use and if u use more than one program, how do u combine them with each other. can u feed the pd-stream into another program?? or would u rather stick to pd the whole evening..? then, can u make smooth transitions if u'd switch patches?
    how? :)

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    i just don't get any further..
    somebody here who got it workin on OS X 10.5.7?

    i downloaded a Opencv.frameworks folder somewhere and put in in Libraries/Frameworks
    i downloaded opencv_unsupported_cvs, but have no idea where to put it or what to do with it.

    so i guess my opencv might be far from being able to work.

    on the pd-opencv-page ( http://www.hangar.org/wikis/lab/doku.php?id=start:puredata_opencv ) they say "edit the Makefile and change the values for PD_DIR and GEM_DIR variables
    and edit this lines : OPENCV_CFLAGS and OPENCV_LIBS
    Put something like that -I/opt/local/var/macports/software/opencv/1.0.0_0/opt/local/include/opencv/ and -L/opt/local/var/macports/software/opencv/1.0.0_0/opt/local/lib/ -lcxcore -lcv -lhighgui -lcvaux -lml "

    sp, could this be correct?:
    PD_DIR = /Applications/Pd-extened.app
    GEM_DIR = Applications/Pd-extened.app/Contents/Resources/extra/Gem

    i have no idea how i should put the OPENCV_CFLAGS and OPENCV_LIBS. what should it refer to?

    UPDATA: allright, i almost believe that i managed to compile opencv, tomorrow i'll try to compile the pd objects. still need help with the paths i guess.

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  • radiostarkiller

    the pix_chroma_key didn't work so well for me (rough pixels), so i made a chroma key patch with pix_alpha and colour picker.
    should be usefull for blue screen / green screen actions and maybe other stuff, too.
    hope you enjoy and do some weird shit with it.
    suggestions, improvements, etc, please tell me.


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  • radiostarkiller

    inspired by tangible sequencers, like the bubble gum sequencer and lately the beer cap sequencer ( http://mw.boo.pl/beatmachine/ ), i thought we should have our own version for PD.

    i hope you enjoy! let me know what you think. i just threw in some phasor crap for testing and to show how to use it.

    problems i had/have:
    -flipping (with rotateXYZ) the video changed the order of layers, so i had to use translateXYZ to bring it back/forward. why is this??

    -also, i wanted to implement a feature for setting video brightness(for better contrast control). it's easy to turn it darker, but how do you turn it brighter???


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  • radiostarkiller

    problem: i want to set up some PD installation stuff at a longer art exhibition. during the night, they might want to shut down the electricity, so it would be cool if they would just have to press the pc power button in the morning and it would autostart the PD patch.

    i already figured out how to autostart PD using the session settings in the menu, but without a patch.
    the ubuntu documentations only gave me advices how to run a complete programm or how to set up services to run in the background.

    any ideas?

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  • radiostarkiller

    thanks for reporting! sorry, i forgot that the hid-objects are externals. i just replaced it.
    the (now updated) patch in my first post is for webcam.
    here i have one attached, that should work with movies(on my machine it does).

    still, the behaviour of the sliders isn't perfect, but i hope if u use the instructions, u can figure out a way.

    also, the quality is very dependend on the quality of the movie/webcam!


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  • radiostarkiller

    arduino-test.pd and arduino.pd are in the same folder?!

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