• quaestor

    Slightly OT: http://www.smugrik.org/mobile-apps/oscream
    Free and definitely the best I've ever used. Really needs a tablet.
    Note that it's *not* general-purpose - it's a monome/arc emulator. It's possible that the developer might be willing to make the Android source available; he seems like a nice guy.
    It does OSC over TCP. TCP -> UDP requires a lightweight Java server on a PC/Mac host.
    The server is source-available (don't know if he takes patches, so I can't call it "open-source"), from github.
    Works brilliantly with MAX via TCP -> UDP; includes a Pd test patch for straight TCP (I haven't tested it).
    It's the only anything I've found which successfully emulates the arcs.
    It can "overheat" if you've got a lot of data going back and forth, but in general it works quite well. I used it to do a piece with stretta's grainstorm running in MAX (shameless plug) .

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  • quaestor

    +1. Fonts have been an issue for me since I first encountered Pd *many* years ago (certainly before 2008).

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  • quaestor

    What did you do to make it work? The command-line flags for fonts do *absolutely* SFA on Windows 7.

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