• qhr33k

    this patch is to control a squarp rample module. It is a mixup of:
    The Pinstrument,




    Four oscillators sending out continuous midi control change message for five pages, one for each SP and one for all of them on the rample sampler. With little effort can be used to control any midi gear. All the credits to the creators of the mentioned patch. If you open up the patch you will see how crude is my adaption. It should work out of the box for any rample users, no pd knowledge requested. Hope someone will have fun with it.


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  • qhr33k


    Hi everyone, first patch i ever made. It is a mixer for my soundcard, (six input six output). the mixer has reverb and delay send and a pre-listen route, i tried to put comments to help noobs like me to understand how does it works. reverb is freeverb by Katja Vetter, the delay i found a nice sounding on .rebeltech.org don by Canyin . Thanks to all the people posting in this forum, you helped me a lot in getting this thing done.

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