• phae

    Hi !

    For a messy gop GUI with tricky mouse coordinates handling, i'd like to be able to retrieve (dynamically of course, not right-click properties) the gop coordinates (size and margins) of any parent canvas ?
    (I hoped to find something in pd-msg or iemguts, but couldn't find anything related to this).

    any idea or trick ?



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  • phae


    I recently made a patch in order to playback large audio files on performance (about 20-30 min), with some basic features (looping points), reverse playback & changing speed and 16-band equalization.

    Main idea of this patch is to have a nice and handy GUI (performances are made with a friend that don't want to learn how to code).

    This is a combination of :

    • loading file with [readsf~] in a oversampling [block~] subpatch
    • Miller's patch "B16.long-varispeed" over multiple tables
    • homemade multislider based on [gcanvas]
    • a basic mixer

    I would be happy to get some commentaries about it, bug report, ideas for improvements.

    I also have a bug that occurs on windows vista but apparently not on mac os. When all of the four players already have a sample loaded, trying to "openpanel" a new file will freeze all DSP after about 5 seconds. Closing the openpanel window will make the DSP restart normally. I don't think this is about CPU overload (average CPU usage is 15% on my laptop running windows vista).
    Looked through the forum and found no clue, but some people report the same problem :




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