• petervh

    cool, thanks mod!

    might you have a simple technique to make speed modulation sound less choppy?

    Screen Shot 2017-05-04 at 4.35.09 PM.png

    updated patch. . . .

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    I am trying to build a granular audio-file processor which allows independent control of speed & pitch, and which allows alteration to both parameters throughout continuous audio file playback.

    I have copied over a patch described in Farnell's Designing Sound which offers most of what I am after. However in Farnell's patch, every time an adjustment to speed is made, it also needs to restart audiofile playback for the new parameter to function (see [r $0-speed]).

    My patch is attached. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can modulate the speed parameter without restarting audiofile playback?



    1. load "grain_host.pd"
    2. click "load_wav"
    3. select audio file "voice1.wav"
    4. click "play"
    5. modulate parameters.

    Thanks !!


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    I am slowly picking up Csound. At the moment, I am mostly looking to use Csound instruments controlled by processes set up in Pd, using [Csound6~].

    I have had success sending noteon & noteoff messages from Pd with a few instruments described in the FLOSS manual, and in Boulanger's Csound book. However, some instruments have been giving me trouble, and while I can load them in and hear a little example score playback, in some cases I cannot figure out how to control noteon & noteoff through Pd.

    One such instrument is attached to this post. This is adapted from Dr. Russell Pinkston's phase modulation instrument, number 1203 from Boulanger's Csound book.

    I have included three versions, the first .CSD file uses 'mididefault' and 'midinoteoncps' to allow MIDI control of noteon/noteoff, while the second version uses cpsmidi and ampmidi. The third version is nearly identical, but does not include any of the MIDI input information, and includes a default score section which performs a few notes.

    Neither of my first two .CSD instruments are currently outputting sound when triggered via MIDI (using 1203.pd).

    I have investigated the following two documents, which have not really been of help for this particular instrument:



    I wonder if anyone here is experienced in integrating Csound instruments into Pd, and if I could benefit from their observations of adapting Csound instruments for real-time control via [Csound6~].

    Many thanks!

    1203.csd 1203_two.csd 1203_three.csd 1203.pd

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  • petervh

    A free e.p. of improvised live electronics, in Pure Data with E.L.A.P.S. (an expressive live algorithmic performance system). Featuring algorithmic processes and a unique set of tangible control interfaces.

    In the months to come, individual E.L.A.P.S. instruments will be open-sourced under the GPL license, and made publicly available through my artist website.

    Autofreq & the Stochastic Dreamship:


    and full E.L.A.P.S. documentation:





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    oh! i just found [wavinfo]. seems to deliver the goods.

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  • petervh

    Pd-extended, for whatever reason, is not really usable and crashes every time I connect an MPD32. That's why I need Pd vanilla.

    Hey, my MPD24 does that too! Really weird, none of my other controllers have caused this behavior. I get around it with MIDI cables, and a USB power adapter, but its kind of a hassle.

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    I am working on a live recording/looping patch, and I need to find the length of a WAV file, in samples. I am not using [soundfiler], due to inherent dropouts caused when switching WAV files..

    I've tried [soundfile_info]...but it outputs a slightly incorrect calculation!!

    I've also tried out [shell] with SOX, but SOX outputs its results to STDERR, rather than STDOUT. I've also tried adding '2>&1' to the SOX command, in order to reroute STDERR to STDOUT.

    This works fine in my terminal, but when sent from PD I get this message:

    "sox FAIL stat: Summary effect: unknown option"

    So I am at a bit of a loss. Any recommendations? I am running OSX10.8.



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  • petervh

    Documentation and recorded audio, available at

    Living Circuits 1

    An entirely autonomous performing/composing instrument, using 12 tone serialism.

    Written in Pure Data, an internal variable score defines a semi-fixed structure. A 12 tone pitch matrix is automatically built, and the various transformations, inversions, and retrogrades are triggered to playback via a Euclidean rhythm generator.

    Audio output is routed back into the system for automated processing and spatialization via scored event triggers, and weighted random number generators.

    Every performance is unique.

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    Does anybody here know of a way to get Puredata to send messages to the command line terminal? I'm using PD to record large chunks of audio, and I want to be able to stretch & pitch shift those recorded wavs after they have finished recording.

    Both the rubberband and akaizer libraries offer command line control, and seem like good solutions. Is there an easy way to do this? I am running OSX 10.8.

    Many thanks,


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