I am slowly picking up Csound. At the moment, I am mostly looking to use Csound instruments controlled by processes set up in Pd, using [Csound6~].

I have had success sending noteon & noteoff messages from Pd with a few instruments described in the FLOSS manual, and in Boulanger's Csound book. However, some instruments have been giving me trouble, and while I can load them in and hear a little example score playback, in some cases I cannot figure out how to control noteon & noteoff through Pd.

One such instrument is attached to this post. This is adapted from Dr. Russell Pinkston's phase modulation instrument, number 1203 from Boulanger's Csound book.

I have included three versions, the first .CSD file uses 'mididefault' and 'midinoteoncps' to allow MIDI control of noteon/noteoff, while the second version uses cpsmidi and ampmidi. The third version is nearly identical, but does not include any of the MIDI input information, and includes a default score section which performs a few notes.

Neither of my first two .CSD instruments are currently outputting sound when triggered via MIDI (using 1203.pd).

I have investigated the following two documents, which have not really been of help for this particular instrument:

I wonder if anyone here is experienced in integrating Csound instruments into Pd, and if I could benefit from their observations of adapting Csound instruments for real-time control via [Csound6~].

Many thanks!

1203.csd 1203_two.csd 1203_three.csd 1203.pd