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    Hey all,

    I've been working for the past three months on this one-to-one exclusive headphone Performance called "Performance for One" (silly name, I know).

    The idea is that I create a somehow comfortable/cozy space where a person can come, sit and enjoy an exclusive musical performance. Only the performer (myself) and the current listener are able to experience this piece of music, created and performed on the fly, therefore turning that moment unique.

    I've done this Performance twice at the same place, one in February and the other two days ago and got pretty nice feedback, specially due to the exclusive intimate situation this performance creates. The two days were completely different from each other regarding the sonic outcome (I've used two completely different patches).

    I've recorded a few sets when performing all alone (so I kept the exclusivity that each listener had), and I thought I'd share two that I really liked.

    100% Pd, 100% live improvisation, no edits or whatsoever. Samples are from my own recordings from the rehearsals for Theater Bremen's rendition of Mozart's "Don Giovanni" (This Performance is part of a bigger project about this particular Opera).

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    Hello folks,

    I've been struggling with Pd for a couple of months and finally I managed to kind of finish two main Projects I took along last Semester in my Masters.

    Of course there could be a lot of improvement but nevertheless I'm proud of the results.

    The first one is "The Sound of Nowhere", a self-sustainable sonic installation with a pretty simple and straight-forward idea: feedback.

    And the second is "Contrapunctual Improvisation of Whatever", an Installation that works with voice input to create small phrases for improvisation. A little more complex than the previous, but rather funny.

    For this one I used a little bit of an idea that I got here in the forum using fiddle.

    I'm still organizing the source code and writing all acknowledgements before putting it online :)

    Hope you like it!

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    Hello people,

    I was looking for an open-source/free VST Host for OSX. Doesn't need to be fancy, I just want to load simple free VSTs to test some MIDI patches I'm building in Pd without using "mtof" or something like that.

    Any suggestion? Thanks!

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  • pedroliveira

    This is very user-specific but I'll post it anyway, maybe it could be useful for other people facing the same issues.

    So, I have a Monome which was built by a friend of mine. It works smoothly with all Max/msp apps such as MLR, AprShift and etc, but when it comes to Pd all the data gets messy.

    What happens is that "led_row" and "led_col" messages sent by Puredata returns weird things in Monome. Turns out that some good fellas at the Monome forum told me that probably the logic board is flipped. Since I'm not by any means opening my Monome ('cause if I ruin it I won't be able to give my friend to fix it) I created a rather simple abstraction that "translates" the messages in a way that the weird one can understand and interpret the way they have to behave.

    So now is just a matter of adding this tiny abstraction right after the regular messages and works smoothly.

    Maybe the code is not the greatest thing in the world but after all it was a good exercise.

    So here it goes if someone faces the same issue one day :)


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    Hello all,

    Sorry if this is somehow a newbie question. I'm quite familiar with Pd processes but this is the first time I'm trying to use this and couldn't seem to find a reasonable solution.

    My problem is:

    I have three numeric values that change simultaneously. I need them to be packed and sent as a list each time they change, so other abstraction can unpack/route them (doesn't matter) and deal with them later.

    My problem is that Pack only sends output when banged at the first inlet, so it is outputting the list with the first correct value and the two others are the previous states.

    For instance: 10 35 45 then it goes to 15 42 30, pack outputs 15 35 45.

    The usual solution would be a [t b f] at each cold inlet but it makes Pack output three times the list, which could be problematic later.

    Any ideas?


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  • pedroliveira


    Thanks for the kind comments, I really appreciate them.

    For the piano sound I'm actually using a generic MIDI Piano Synth, if is what you meant with "how the sounds are being generated".

    However, if you were talking about the phrases it creates, it actually mixes up the notes it get from your voice input with some concepts of "Symmetric Movement" I used as the main concept of this installation. This is an idea discussed by jazz saxophonist Steve Coleman as a kind of game of improvisation and it's quite interesting: so the notes that the piano plays are actually generated by an algorithm based in such concepts.


    I'll post the code soon, I'll let you know :)

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  • pedroliveira

    Yes! Thank you for that.

    I was thinking about the order they're coming and thought it would be like right-to-left order, but is not working like that and probably due to something else in the previous patching.

    I'll do this to re-order the stuff, I didn't know about this thing with the message so I'll definitely give it a try.

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  • pedroliveira

    Yes, it works fine! Thank you so much for that.

    But, on the other hand, I'm still curious on how [pack] deals with such issues. If you have three messages arriving at the same time you'll have always to create a workaround like you did? Weird =/

    But many thanks, it solves my problem perfectly :)

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  • pedroliveira

    reviving this topic...

    Cant'say enough thank you's for sharing your patch and explaining what you did. I was learning Pd a few years back and just stopped studying. Now I'm back on track and this is helping me figure out lots of stuff.

    >can't stress enough though. KEEP IT AS SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE.

    this is just a great piece of advice, since what you did on your live set it's way complex, but made it in a simple way, and maybe that is your great trick. I needed to read that :)

    Now I'm digging your patch in order to make it work with another one (to control only beats) and everything put together in a Monome. Hopefully I'll achieve good results, and for sure will post here.

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