• nas

    Wow! meanwhile I found a different solution but I will check it out your library as I'm pretty sure to find a lot of goodies there :)

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  • nas

    thank you for sharing! Do you happen to know how to imitate symbol2list?
    Or maybe you can tell me your procedure of imitating a particular external object?

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  • nas


    thank you so much for your tutorial! all i needed to know is on page 3 on the right hand: sending a message with the following content [1 2 3, 4 5 6, 7 8 9] to vline~ means:

    1 2 3 = wait 3ms, then ramp to 1 in 2ms
    4 5 6 = wait 6ms, then ramp to 4 in 5ms
    7 8 9 = wait 9ms, then ramp to 7 in 8ms

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