• naer

    i'm new here
    1 how do i get delta~ , ead~ ?
    2 i want to use exported waves in pd how to do it?
    3 what should i do to know numbers of keys, 32 = spacebar but more?
    4 need reverbs / effects, where to search
    thanks for answers

    ps: some advices for a begginer?

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  • naer

    thanks a lot, i' m a lil bit crazy now, and i missed examples:)
    but i'm still interested at makeing music only by pd, especcialy drums, maybe sb can help me how to create nice drum machine without using waves, i can make loops, but my sounds are too long and not so nice...
    i need to gain sound ilke twerk or to rococo rot, how can i make them?

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  • naer

    i dont have ead~ how can i get it ?

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