• MarioMey

    Hi, @paste, I am the MEH-SYSTEM creator 😁. I just discovered this post... yesterday. I would like to know if you did something with my patch... if it was useful for you. It would make me very happy.

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  • MarioMey

    I created this abstract with Purr Data (Pd-l2ork-2.13.0 20200802-rev.70066071). I don't know if it works in other versions... I know that recent versions of Pd has [pdcontrol], PurrData doesn't have it yet. Instead of that, I use get.dollarg.pd found in this thread, thanks to @weightless and everybody in that thread.

    Arguments passed to the abstract automatically creates some objects (inlet, route, outlets) and canvas and arrange everything to make it work.

    Important: this patch uses some magic numbers to connect objects. If you change it, those numbers don't work any more and patch stops working.

    To edit arguments... click "edit" ;) and edit them.
    Download them:


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  • MarioMey

    3 years ago... but still usefull.

    I wanted to write a file similar to yours, to be imported into a spreadsheet software, as CSV (Comma Separated Values). [textfile] store in space-separated-values with return-carriage (or semicolon/return-carriage) data separator.

    LibreOffice can import CSV with tab or comma or semicolon or space (or any other) values separator. I don't know about MS-Excel.

    Did you get what you needed?

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  • MarioMey

    @EEight: I modified the patch in Repo, but there's something wrong with the images. They don't appear in the list and, if I upload one, in the patch page, it is next to the others. So, there is the one you uploaded and two more (equals) that I uploaded.

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  • MarioMey

    @alistair_blunt: grazie!
    @slowmotion: me? You can replace them! ... did you?

    it's a long time that I don't touch this patch... I wish, some day, to use it a lot.

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  • MarioMey

    You are right... I really don't remember uploading there!

    I uploaded the dummy patch and it has 185 id.

    Thanks for creating and managing the repo site, EEight!

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  • MarioMey

    I've upload a patch last year and I tried to login in that page... and I couldn't.

    My patch is http://www.pdpatchrepo.info/patches/patch/156, there is my name and I tried with:

    • The same password of this forum (here, I can login).
    • The password that I've been given when Forum migrated.
    • My usual password.
    • My usual letter-number password
    • My usual case sensitive letter - number password

    I don't find a "I've lost my password" link in that page. Also, I didn't find a "Register" button.

    I understand the minimalism of the site... but it's a bit confusing. What does "made with" means? There are videos...


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  • MarioMey

    Bringing back to life an old thread... I tried to make this patch work LIVE... and it is not as thought.

    To make this patch work, I should find the perfect delay to suppress the audio. Using 44100, the delay time can vary in 0.0226ms. So... it's almost impossible to get that. I only acchieve a flanger, nothing else.

    In the first Patch-Circle done in Argentina last Saturday, I talked with Pablo E. Riera about this and he told me about the adaptive external and the echo cancellation example... but there is no example like that (only intereference cancellation).

    I will explain again: the operator has a microphone and it sounds in a LCD (far away). Above the LCD I have a Webcam with mic. This mic takes what the audience says and send to the operator headphones. The operator hears her own voice (with a delay). I want to supress this "return". It doesn't matter the delay, if there were no delay, I don't want the operator to hear her voice.

    I would need something that learn from the main microphone and get rid of what the webcam mic takes.

    I hope being clear in my explanation. Thanks in advace.

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  • MarioMey

    (WIP posted in http://forum.pdpatchrepo.info/topic/7244/building-my-own-looper)

    After using the MEH-SYSTEM several times, on stage... I upload the 1.0 "DJ-MEH" version, with GPL license! This is the exact version that I use in my show "Mario Mey & Pinokio 3D-Circus". It has some personal commands... but they don't affect the correct function of MEH-SYSTEM (personal commands at bottom of specifications).

    You can watch the entire acting here. Sorry, I speak argentine spanish, but you will understand the point.

    About MEH-SYSTEM... it's a bit complex to explain all the functions and specs, but I will try...

    8 stereo record banks, 32 seconds max each.
    4 recording modes: SAMPLE, RESAMPLE, "LOOPING" and OVERDUB.
    2 FX CONSOLES controlled by XYpads, HOLD button, DEPTH fader, etc.
    100 (and more) effects for each FX console (almost the same KP3 effects).

    Controlled by TouchOSC interface, on Android ( "meh_system5.touchosc" interface included in ZIP) (sorry Hexler, I didn't paid for it).

    Mic in: has EQ3 (for using different types of mics) and LIMITER.

    Recording modes:
    SAMPLE: it uses predefined BPM to record in 1, 2, 4, 8 and 16 beats, using Mic as input.
    RESAMPLE: same as SAMPLE, but it uses everything (FX, Mic and Banks) as input.
    "LOOPING": uses the Boss LooperStation recording Style. To use this mode, no bank must be playing. Clicking (or tapping) the button, it starts recording. Clicking again, it stops recording and starts playing. Taking the amount of beats, MEH-SYSTEM defines the new BPM.
    OVERDUB: while, at least, one bank is playing, it start recording in the same bank "overdubbing". Also, it can be activated as Stop button using "LOOPING" mode. (it uses ipoke2~, compiled for Linux64).

    FX Consoles modes:
    1. Mic & Banks -> FX1 -> FX2 -> Output
    2. Mic -> FX1 -> Output, Banks -> FX2 -> Output
    3. Banks -> FX1 -> Output, Mic -> FX2 -> Output
    4. Mic -> Output, Banks -> FX1 -> FX2 -> Output
    5. Banks -> Output, Mic -> FX1 -> FX2 -> Output

    First 2 Banks: have LIMITER (every bank can has it, it's like this for optimization, I only need those)

    Output: has LIMITER and EQ7 (actually, I don't use the EQ).

    MEH-SYSTEM uses original or modified abstracts from: DIY2 FXs (by Matt Davey, I love him), eq7.mmb~ (by Maelstorm), CMETRONOME (I think by Chris Edward, posted by screwtop), RJDJ-vocoder, VLFO (by don't know who), and don't remember other...

    A lot of people helped me to develop MEH-SYSTEM, by this forum, by list, by IRC... so I don't remember all their names. To all of them: THANKS.


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  • MarioMey

    I'm a bit confused... I know that latency is the time that the CPU (or whatever) takes processing the audio, till the audio is audible throw the speakers (or whatever)... but, if I'm using a mic in, for a loop-station... the latency is in the input too?

    I mean, if I record something, and then, I start the recording... would it have the default latency... or the latency multiplied by 2? (the recording and the playing).

    The workarround to fix this latency is, when the recording ends and it is automatically played... to play it ADVANCED IN TIME with the latency lenght (eg 5.3ms)... or the latency time * 2 (10.6ms)?

    For the moment, I'm testing with latency * 2 and sounds good... but I want to know this to clarify my mind.

    Thanks in advance.

    Using Pd-Ext 0.43.4, on Ubuntu 12.04, using Jack 48khz, 256 frames, buffer 3, latency 5.3ms (yes, I know it is a lot, but I can't get less).

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