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    @dwan Oh my GOD you're right. This was driving. Me. Insane. I went over the same patch about 50 times. I haven't been this angry for a good while. Thank you so much for providing a simple, one-step solution. Fuck yes mate, fuck yes, you're a bloody legend. You deserve all the T-shirts in the world.

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    I have made a very simple patch, by which when a bang is triggered, it is meant to trigger a unique number between 0-2, in other words, no numbers are repeated.

    In the way that I set it up, it is meant to work in theory. Even my programming mentor said that it should work, in theory, and he's generally a very smart man. He's informally known as being the boffin of the academy.

    A few more details:

    1. This happens in both purr data and pure data, with the exact same setup.
    2. There are no external libraries are used. Just plain Vanilla objects.

    Code: Golf.pd

    Much appretiated,
    - James

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