• juliolucio


    I am communicating arduino and PD.

    Arduino is sending 5 Byte through the serial port.

    I receive the values correctly.

    These bytes are:

    • Byte 0 = 0x000000 To indicate the beginning of the message.

    • Bytes 1 and 2 = First int that i want to get.

    • Bytes 3 and 4 = First int that i want to get.

    I would like to have a patch that have :

    • Inlet that will receive the serial value (bytes ).

    • Outlet 0 that will give me a integer value for one of the couples of bytes.

    • Outlet 1 that will the index of the integer ( 0 for the first couple of bites, 1 for the second).

    Any help?

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  • juliolucio

    I'm trying to write a patch object, so I can get some debug information.
    I am using the "qlist" object, but I don't know how to pass the arguments trough.
    Any help?



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  • juliolucio

    What I am doing is using nqpoly for having an array of objects, and I can follow the patch visualy, but there are so many objects in the array that is difficult to follow the messages they are sending. So I would like to have a print out so I can follow the order the objects are called and the messages they generate. Have a lock to the atachment and see if u know how to write the text "sphere". Cheers

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