• juergen

    hi again,
    in my live patch i want a chain of effects (luckily in a fixed order that makes
    sense). how can i effectively toggle them on/off one by one without ending up in 300 wires ? thanks, j.

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  • juergen


    I got stuck with a (simple) midi control issue.

    I would like to implement a logic that keeps preventing controller value jumps
    when using faders that are multiply assigned. The last value should rather
    be picked up by the current fader position (when reached) instead of being overwritten, which leads to harsh changes in the amplitude.

    thanks, j.

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  • juergen

    please regret this off-topic request, but i'm urgently
    searching for a phd vacancy in computational acoustics,
    computer music or related. anywhere in europe or abroad.
    so if you know about postgraduate studies in your
    institute/faculty please let me know.
    maybe you can point me to a list, board or forum where such
    vacancies are posted.
    thanks a lot for your help !

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  • juergen

    yep, testing for the ctrl number did the trick. thanks again for your response

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  • juergen

    thx maelstorm

    your patch doesn't work either.
    I connected [ctlin 14] to the left inlet, a toggle [x] to the right as
    well as an Hslider to the outlet (values 0-127).

    Maybe i didn't explain clear enough that the multiple assignment
    is physical (done by the interface), not in PD. It's a Korg Nano Kontrol.
    It has 9 faders/knobs and 4 scenes (or pages), so virtually 36 controls.

    i turn knob number 1, fine. switch to scene 2, turn more, not affecting
    the patch (because the knob is now [ctlin 36] or whatever. I go back
    to scene 1 and the value jumps :(

    cheers, juergen

    ps. switching between the scenes/layers is AFAIK done in the interface,
    and not spitting out any MIDI message.

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  • juergen

    I replaced the first Hslider in your example by a [crtlin].
    It is not working, i still get value jumps.
    can someone point me to working example ?


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  • juergen

    thanks a ton bystrano !!
    excatly the magic i was looking for...
    it will take a while to implement this into my gui (many assignments),
    but it's going to be worth the effort :)
    it could be useful maybe to have this in [ctlin] by itself..

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  • juergen

    hi jk,

    i feed realtime midi data to seq in order to write them into a file,
    but no luck,

    i appreciate your helpfile, but it's still not clear to me, in which order
    i have to bang "write" "record" "stop" "bang" (midiflush ?)
    the object..

    please help

    thanks a lot


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