• Jeff

    Hey, I'm pretty new to PD. This is my first substantive patch, an expandable tabwrite~ looper bay that I'm 99% sure is completely vanilla and ready to roll with libpd. It's got two patches, the main patch looperBay and the abstraction loopSub. They're heavily commented to help newcomers like me understand what's going on.

    It's bare-bones right now. 4 loops toggled one after another. There's a clear/reset button. Loops automatically start once the record is stopped.

    You can expand it it to control more loops plus the volume, length, speed, etc of each loop with relative ease but I'll leave that up to you.

    The biggest problem is a crack or pop is audible when clearing the arrays. I just duck the sound now to avoid it but if anyone has any advice on how to keep the arrays from crackling on reset, it'd be greatly appreciated.

    Any thoughts/criticism you all have are welcome. I hope this helps someone. anotherLooper.zip

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  • Jeff

    Came back to chime in that i don't know what was so difficult the past few days. this morning I was able to run the kalimba test app in unity's editor and successfully communicate w/ PD with no issues. Thanks so much for all the work on Kalimba and these abstractions.

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  • Jeff

    Ahh I ran into the same issue messing with the audio preferences. Thanks so much

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  • Jeff

    I joined to say thank you for this awesome resource! Very VERY simple, straightforward and useful patches. This is totally slept on on the forum.

    I was wondering if you could provide or point to more in-depth instructions re: how to get pure data working within unity. I've got Kalimba working in my Unity apps, like on the iPad, but testing requires building an Xcode project. Have been very confused trying to get pure data working within Unity itself. Any additional help would be a godsend.

    Regardless, awesome work and I hope mobile developers and libpd people see this!! Thanks again!

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