• Isaac

    I made a Preamp for Blues style with Puredata.
    This Puredata Patch is downloaded in my blog.

    [Puredata]Champman Preamp MkII

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  • Isaac

    Finally I solved this mystery by myself!
    Please look at the next picture.



    Using this object will cause problems with Linux.
    In Windows 10 it plays without problems.
    However, when using this object in Linux,
    the more the signal attenuates, the more it sounds like Bitcrushing.

    For details, please summarize it as a video so please look.

    This problem can be minimized by making the value for "- ~" as small as possible or not using it.

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  • Isaac

    I've been making guitar effects with Puredata and Raspberry Pi.
    Previously I did not care much about this problem, but at the last moment I got a terrible problem so I would like to consult with you.

    I created Puredata Patches on Windows 10, copy Patches to Raspbian and use it.
    In most cases there is no problem,
    but depending on the Patches the sound reproducibility will be different.
    Please help if there is a solution,thank you.


    *I uploaded same files in Google Drive and Dropbox.

    Google Drive


    1)There is a problem with the reproducibility of the sound, especially the problem is remarkable with the decay sound.
    2)The problem is reproduced even if Windows 10 and Raspbian use the same USB Audio interface(Behringer UCG102)
    3)Even if I use a different USB Audio interface (Zoom U - 22) in Raspbian, the problem is reproduced.

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