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    As usual thank you for all the informations @whale-av
    @jameslo Perfect, I will be able to use a toggle in pd to invert the phase then!

    I am currectly looking at those solutions for room calibration, I simply don't have a good ear :)

    Have a good one!

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    Hi all!

    I have access to a space with 8 speakers, they are in multiple rooms:

    The gear (showing for 6 speakers)

    I want to use pure data to control the volume of each room and to also select stereo or mono (or even try to play with 4.1 for ambisonics).

    Here's what I have in mind for the patch:

    hip~ (remove DC)
    VU meter
    (stereo, mono, 4.1?)
    DAC~ 1-2, 3-4, 5-6 with high pass (for channel using subwoofer)
    DAC 7-8 for subwoofer with dedicated low pass (built-in in amp but fine-tuning)


    • Am I forgetting something important in the chain?
    • Is there a patch out there to do Room calibration?
    • Speakers are pointing at each other in the first room, I had in mind to invert the phase (the cables) but maybe I can use pure data to control that too (not sure)?

    @whale-av I recall a patch you uploaded on this forum (like a mixer patch). Would it be interesting for me to use part of it?

    Thanks for any advice!

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    I really enjoy Artiom Constantinov music and also visualisation:


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    @y0g1 said:

    Are you still able to compile it ?

    Time flies... no, but checking this tutorial, maybe you should try to checkout a specific tag for:
    git clone --recursive https://github.com/espressif/esp-adf.git maybe trying with tag 2.4.1:

    Also don't get your hype too high, I had a feeling it was a proof-of-concept.
    Good luck

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    @whale-av said:

    Are we going to have to solve patching problems submitted by user "@ChatGPT" in the immediate future...?...:weary:

    Let's create a chatgpt plugin to exclude those :laughing:

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    @tungee Can you record a mini-sound demo (playing with this synth)?

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    Amazing playlist ^

    Not mine, from this creator: @SoundSimulator

    For example, I like this tutorial:

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    @whale-av Should we change the anti-spam question or it is a lost cause?
    "To send the sound to your sound card in pd, what object do you use (write it without the ~ and bracket)"

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    On linux on top of that. Very neat!

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