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    I was playing with a rather simple GEM patch and discovered to my surprise that it doesn't seem to matter where in the chain of events one puts a geo (pls see attached).

    I am trying to get a better handle on the sequence of matrix transformations here.

    Any clarification would be very much appreciated.


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    Was wondering if anyone has tried a combination of Linux + PD + MOTU Ultralite firewire module. I am currently running it under OSX and loving it :) but I want to jump to a cheaper machine for installations.

    Also, last time I tried it, I couldn't start pd from command line and get it to recognize MOTU board. Had to go in every time and manually reset the audio settings. I would assume that is not an issue under Linux.

    thanks in advance for any tips/suggestions.


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    OK, so a fader is kicking my @#&$^ grrrr...

    I included a simple patch to illustrate my problem. Basically I am trying to write a subpatch to move a volume fader all the way to the top (1) i.e. fade up all the way.

    I was trying to feed output from the fader back into the patch and use it for calculations and discovered that when I manually move the fader by hand I get numbers in the output but if I invoke "set" method then I get nothing on the output.

    I can write something that doesn't use output from fader but I kinda want to understand what is going on here.

    thanks in advance for any hints


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    I'm trying to do some recording in a pd patch and I need a way to monitor input levels.

    As I am sure all of you on the forum have found out by now I am a noob and I'm kinda learning as I go here, so my question is VERY basic :)

    I assume I need vu meter to monitor input levels. The help file for vu is a bit confusing (there is some weird subpatch that throws random numbers at the vu, honestly don't really know what that demonstrates) ...ok, sorry for the rant, I know people donate tons of time to documentation. I just need a slightly different example to get what is going on.

    Does anyone have a patch that shows how to meter audio signal on the input or output?

    thnx in advance for any suggestions.

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    hi all,

    is it me or is gate object not working the way it supposed to. Doesn't matter if I pass it 0 or 1 still lets the messages through.

    included the simplest example file I could think of.

    sorry in advance if I am overlooking something basic :(

    oh, and almost forgot... I use Pd version 0.38.4-extended-RC8 on IntelMac 10.4.11
    just in case it's a platform specific issue that someone ran into before.


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    errr... I am not sure if its really "installing" per say, but basically getting PD to recognize abstractions.

    So I started getting into abstractions that other people where kind enough to post. THNX!

    If I stick abstraction in the same directory as the file that I am working on, PD has no problem recognizing (instantiating) it. However this leads to a VERY cluttered working directory. Is there a central place were I can store abstractions?

    It seems on MacOsX this is the directory in question


    I can't seem to figure out how to change PD's path to point to this directory.

    Advise much appreciated here!

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    The more I get into PD the more I feel like I need to understand the mathematics of what is going on i.e. terminology like "analysis is Hanning windowed" makes absolutely no sense to moi.

    Is there an intro to DSP that people on the forum found helpful?

    thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    Been lurking/learning for a little while, so before I say anything, thnx to all the regulars!

    Putting together beginnings of a patch for a performance.

    1. Record to disk
    2. Load the file
    3. Loop the file forever

    Future series of steps will involve recording to multiple files and then playing back via multiple channels (through MOTU ultralite) Basically live layering-looping sorda thing.

    I totally hacked this together so if there is a better way to achieve the results I'm all for hearing it.

    Also, is there any way to cut off a small chunk in the front and the back where me clicking microphone on/off gets recorded?



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    Hi all,

    I am trying to play largish audio samples (5-10 mins)

    I am using read -resize fileName arrayName to read a file into an array via soundfiler object

    What I found is that the array only goes up to 4000000 (4mil) <-- I assume this is 4 million floating point numbers. After 4 million the array gets capped off.

    Is the size limitation something built into PD?
    Is there a better way to deal with samples that large?

    Thnx in advance,


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    Hi all!

    New to the forum and PD. Been reading trafic on list and forum and turotials to understand the zen of pd. Info is a bit scattered (I think I'll wirte a few tutorial files as I am learning the software --> sorda from noob2 noob stuff :) I am still tinkering with sample playback (I am not really a composer, so PD is more of an installation tool for me)

    Wanted to have a sample loop. My thinking on the subject (after looking at the simplesampler posted here by hardoff) is to feed the size of the array containing the sample to metro object. Here's were I get a wierd behavior from soundfiler object.

    In the example file, soundfiler outputs the size of the array. As soon as I put it in my own patch I get a + sign and that's it.

    I wrote a simple test patch (included) to demo this behavior. If someone could suggest what to do I would appreciate it. A bit stuck right now :(



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