• dieter laser

    made with PD and arduino

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  • dieter laser


    im trying to get an old plotter make handwriting for me. this plotter understands HPGL.

    the connection between plotter and PD works fine. im having my problems with giving the plotter the data in the right format and speed.

    this plotter wants ascii-code. so i used convert.pd2ascii from the PDMTL abstractions. but i always get errors like "pd2ascii does not understand"

    i dont know what im doing wrong since i only send letters and numbers. this abstractions should deal with that.

    does somebody have any other idea?

    thanks for any help :)


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  • dieter laser

    just found out, that it only accepts the value 1.


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  • dieter laser

    what is the best way to save my sliderpositions in PD ?

    could someone help me out ?


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  • dieter laser


    im trying to build a pinball game with the pmpd library.

    i know that theres a flipper in the examples section but i want to have more objects to play with than just round things.

    i tried to build squares with segments, but when i play the flipper the ball gets shooted out of the gamefield very often.

    has somebody any experiences with this ?

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  • dieter laser


    i really twist my mind over this for a longer time... i tried many different buildups but nothing worked so far :(

    this is what i did:
    i built a very simple patch of a selfcontrolled feedback in pd

    the things i use:
    -macbook pro
    -2 piezos (mics) soldered on a cables with jacks

    a piezo:

    so i attached the 2 piezos on the metalplate, plug one jack in the line in, one in the line out and start the patch.

    theres one piezo used as a mic and one as a loudspeaker (together with the object) both are attached on the same metalplate.

    the circle is closed... there is a feedbackloop that goes through the object and through my computer.

    when i talk or make other noises i can feed the feedbackloop...

    the pd patch controls the feedback so it wouldnt grow to much, the aim is to get the larsen tones:


    ....this works really fine with my macbook pro because of its build in headamplifier.

    i really can hear my voice and all the high frequented noise i make (the piezos have got a spectrum of 2900 ± 500 Hz)

    now i want to plug more of these together. for this i use a m-audio 1814.
    but i just hear a feedback, no voice or noises. sounds like they were cutted out.

    i tried:
    -the mic preamp
    -the headphoneamp (it has got 2)
    -an external booster
    -different buffersizes with jackpilot
    -different delays


    whats so special about the macbook preamp ? or is m-audio just lame ?


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  • dieter laser


    i just tried to get Spigot~ runnin on my mac but pd can´t find it.

    is there anyone with an intelmac who got it working ?


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  • dieter laser

    if someone here speaks russian could u tell me the passwort for this ?


    thanks !

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  • dieter laser

    hello evryone,

    im new to pd, downloaded Pd version 0.39.3-extended for mac and tried to follow this advise:

    "Click on the "Pure Documentation" menu item on the "Help" menu when you run Pd"

    but there is no pure documentation, only links to internetsites...
    does sombody know, where i cant get the tutorial ???


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