• Caucasian

    Here i simple concept attached : sequencer_concept.pd

    Also take a look at VisualTracker (http://pdpatchrepo.info/patches/patch/192)


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  • Caucasian

    What about a program loop which will run again when output is certain (unwanted) number?

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  • Caucasian


    what would be the best way to convert the symbol [0-1-2-3-4( to a list [0 1 2 3 4( dynamically?

    [splitfilename] is not helpful because I don´t know length of a list (dynamic)...

    I need to merge bunch of numbers to one symbol ( [mergefilename] works fine), use it as creation argument of an abstraction, but then I need to split it back to separate values...

    Thanks for help


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  • Caucasian


    I'm happy to announce beta release of VisualTracker - modular sequencer environment with graphical timeline, track output management, external file storage system, shared module functionalities and many more.

    Check homepage http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker/ for screenshots, download and documentation.

    Current version is featuring:

    • major code optimalization
    • CTRL+D module duplication including all user values
    • upgrade of visualtracker_connector (fit to BPM, stereo output)
    • master synchro output
    • MUTE track feature
    • automatic backup save
    • extended vt_audio_track module with
    • stereo files handling
    • fit to BPM
    • time stretch
    • gain control
    • offset start of sample
    • merge channels option
    • many bug fixes and improvements

    Any comments or test issues appreciated here: http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker/issues/list


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  • Caucasian

    Dear all,

    second ALPHA of GUI sequencer including load/save system is finally done. Now it contains all the core functions planned for version 1 and up to BETA the focus will be made on graphics and usability.

    More info and download: http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker/

    Hope some of you find the project interesting and will be able to leave a comment ( Hey!, 59 downloads of ALPHA 1 and not even single response ?!?!? ;-) )

    Many thanks to Bérenger for ideas, testing and even contributing one module.

    Looking forward to your opinions.


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  • Caucasian

    I'd like to test [vinylcontrol~] from http://karhumusic.sesser.at/vinylcontrol/vinylcontrol.html , but I'm quite confused what to do exactly - how to make external work. I'd like to use it on Win XP. Shouldn't once compiled external work on all the WXP systems...? Do you know where to find it?
    Please help ;-)
    Thanks a lot

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  • Caucasian


    here is abstraction system to easy store values to a external file using [coll] object.

    I want to use it in my project (http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker) and wandering what you think about it. Any experiences with [coll] ?

    Thanks for comments.



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  • Caucasian

    VisualTracker is collaborative open source project which aims to create graphical and program environment within pd for sequencing various types of events on timeline (aka multitrack audio/midi sequencer).

    It provides (or hopefully will provide soon ;-) ) GUI (each event is represented by canvas movable across tracks/timeline), built-in sequencer, multiple audio and data outputs, time stretch, save&load function and more features known from software such as Ableton Live!, Vegas or ACID.

    It also provides system (called “VisualTracker connector”) for forcing any time based pd abstraction to cooperate with VisualTracker and use its features and GUI (see http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker/wiki/ManualModuleConcept

    Please visit http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker for more info in progress, screenshots and download current version.

    We are looking forward to your comments and opinions and hope to attract more “pders” to collaborate on this project (please check http://code.google.com/p/visualtracker/wiki/HowToContribute

    ales (caucasian)

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  • Caucasian


    for my project I need really looong radio to control position of sequencer. At first it seemed ok, because you can set radio size to 2000. But after save/reopen radio turned strangely to size 128 (bug?)

    So I tried to develop more radios connected together. I must say it was harder, than I thought ... It is working somehow, but I think it's too much complicated for such an easy intent, what do you think?

    Does anybody have better solution?

    Thanx for info

    PS: As a side effect you can use multicolor radio this way...


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  • Caucasian

    Hallo mighty pders!

    As I've announced lately I'm working on the patch for simple and intuitive sample composing in pd. The concept of canvases representing samples seems quite vital, so I'm wondering if anyone would be interested to join the project. There should be a lot of work done to make VisualTracker nice and usable and It would be great to talk some concepts through in a team ;-)

    I'm also sure many things could be done better and I don't want to reinvent the wheel completely....

    Please check the screenshot attached and download the patch in pre-alpha version here:


    Any suggestions/comments/ideas appreciated. Participants are welcome at contactcaucasian//gmail.com

    Looking forward to hear from you


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