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    Thank you, I realise that compiling the library might be harder then i thought. i think there must be a makefile on a github somewhere.

    So this might be user error, the thing that happens when i load any of the objects from the fftease library (in 32bit pd) and start the help file, load a sound, dsp on etc. it does not play the sound but instead outputs a enormous wall of glitchy sound, that goes way in the red of my soundcards totalmix. Other patches work fine.

    I have no errors when loading any of the objects (for instance i get morphine~ - a member of FFTease 2.52), i have also deleted all .dll and linux extensions from the library.

    Should 32bit pd work without any problems on a 64bit intel mac? I am still not sure what 32bit fftease library means in my case and if there is any need to compile.

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  • bernie


    I'm new here, new to pure data and also a noob in general when it comes to terminal command line etc. i have used pure data years ago but never dug deep enough. For a (eventually raspberry pi) project i need to set up fftease on intel mac (for now) and possible other library's as well. compiling these extensions seems like a good skill, i dont want to rely on others that have done it for me, but if there is a fftease 2.5.2 64 compiled version somewhere, please point me to it as i could not find it.

    After trying to get fftease working i realised that i was doing the right thing with the {declare} object but was doing it with 32bit bin files on 64bit Pd, after i downloaded 32bit Pd everything seems to work.

    What i'm asking myself is, is it a good idea to run 32 pure data on a 64bit intel mac? i may (or possible user error) already run into some problems.

    How do i compile fftease 32bit files to 64bit bin in the terminal and should i only compile the .dll files? i have searched stack overflow etc. but i could not find a straight answer.

    Thanks for reading

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