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    Hi Johnny,
    with some [separator]->[pix_delay] I can create a trail, but I can't find a way to make the trail persistent.

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    Hello everybody

    I'm trying to create the "star trail" effect in GEM (like this:

    ), and apply it on some videos.
    I tried two methods: with two pix_snap photographing each other, and with motion effects like pix_biquad and pix_tIIR.
    With the first method I have CPU load problems, while with the second method I lose the original colors trying to get a permanent trail.
    Do you have any advice on how to do it? Thanks

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    Thanks for the replies,
    I have a rather complex setup for audio, and I'd like to add a simple (yet configurable) MIDI controller, using the built-in "MIDI over USB" of android, without creating a wireless network.
    Unfortunately MobMuPlat doesn't support the "MIDI over USB" thing, and neither TouchOSC.
    I'm giving PdDroidParty a chance because I see that I can use the notein object (in the "midi monitor" patch), so I'm wondering how to make it work.

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    I'd like to use my android device to send midi events to soft synths and samplers running on my linux laptop.
    Is it possible to achieve this with PdDroidParty?


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    Hi @Monetus, on vanilla 0.47 I get these errors:

    UNHANDLED ERROR: bad event type or keysym "'"
    while executing
    "bind all <$::modifier-Key-'> {+dialog_theme::create_dialog .theme}"
    (procedure "enact_theme_menu" line 292)
    invoked from within
    ("uplevel" body line 584)
    invoked from within
    "uplevel #0 $tclcode"
    FAILED TO LOAD /home/nicola/pd-externals/colours-plugin.tcl

    I'm trying your theme on a Debian Stretch with tcl 8.5 and tcl 8.6

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    Hi, did anyone find a way to set vanilla gui object's colors, like cords, inlets, etc?

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    Hi, I'm also a [pmenu] user, and I just tried [dropdown].
    It's nice, but it lacks of gui customization (background color, etc...).
    Personally I use dropdown menus inside my pd GUIs, and [pmenu] fits very well, it would be good to have it working in Purr Data.


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    Hi, I'm working on a patch that acts as a midi filter/remapper.
    This patch, that ideally stays between midi devices and software samplers/synths, has the purpose to take incoming midi events and route them to one of the "scenes" that I have defined. Each scene has its own filters, remapper tools, etc..., and my idea is to build them in a "modular way".

    This is the first patch I post, so could you please give me your feedback? Probably there are smarter ways to implement the modules I made ;-)




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    Hi, I've just installed Debian Wheezy amd64, but I can't be able to find a compiled Pd-Extended version for Debian 64-bit.
    I checked in:

    and in the puredata repo, but I only found i386 versions.

    Am I missing something?



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  • bamboomusic

    Hi to all, this is my first post in this forum.
    I'm trying to use PD's patches inside my setup, and now I'm struggling with the MIDI latency that PD creates.

    First of all, I'm a drummer and I use a drumpad(DrumKat) to trigger samples on my laptop, so for me the latency is a 1st class problem.
    I have two setups: one with Ubuntu 10.04(Kernel 2.6.33-29-realtime) + jack, and the other with OSX leopard + jackosx. The first one is the more tested.

    I want to know the latency that PD creates between notein-noteout process.
    To do this, I simply connected my drumpad to PD's midiin, PD's midiout to PD's midiin, and opened my patch(attached to this post).

    If the patch is right, there is a link between jack's latency and PD's MIDI latency.
    If I set jack's framebuffer to 256, I have 11.6 msec of audio latency and 5.8 ms of PD's MIDI latency.
    If I set jack's framebuffer to 128, I have 5.8 msec of audio latency and 2.9 ms of PD's MIDI latency.

    Is this correct? Is there a way to reduce MIDI latency without changing the audio latency of jack?

    Thank you and sorry for my english.



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