• arpPDpi

    To record the midi controller data you can also use seq, a basic midi-data recorder and playback thing.
    Your dutch is great, snoezel ruimte, good luck

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    And since you are talking about the triggers comming out of an Arduino, the switches, you can use the debounce inside the arduino sketch, this is a different look at the solution.

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  • arpPDpi

    i managed to get midirealtimein working with midiclock messages comming
    from my ensonique Halo or a moog slim phatty.
    Workout is midirealtimein select 248 bang count 6 or 12 bangs and sync
    to that counter count, WorkS great.
    Dian from the Netherlands

    Ps i work with pure data on a Rpi wheezy Debian

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  • arpPDpi

    Hello, i am thinkening in the same direction, midi in to data out, do you still need help,
    The help i got was the idea that i can get everything i and can convert it to everything
    out, that's great
    i work with midi audio in and convert it to midi out, to speakjets, audio out

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