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    also important is to set search path far alls library... otherwise errors "can't create ......! appears
    look the screenshot of my settings Schermata 2019-11-25 alle 19.12.30.png Schermata 2019-11-25 alle 19.12.50.png

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    From pd-Vanilla program I loaded all external library at the last version (listed in my first post)...
    then I copied all the missing objects from the latest versions of pd-extended library (missing object appear in message errors log of pd-vanilla when you try load a miniwoog.pd file).
    Looking at this list: https://puredata.info/docs/ListOfPdExternals/ ... you can know in what library you can find the missing objects.

    I also installed Pd-extended in my Mac, then I copied missing object directly from pd-extended folder pd-extended/Contens/Rewsources/Extra/...
    when all errors are disappeared then miniwoog does work :-)
    Only aftertouch doesn't work but after changing midiparse with cyclone/midiparse it work perfectly

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    also... in the last version of zexy (2.2.8) is not present the object limiter~.pd_darwin (maybe developper have forget'it) so you can copy it from zexy-v0extended externals libraries

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    I don't remember exactly now...
    ...iemlib don't had splitfilename.pd_darwin (I copied it from an older version of iemlib).. and others

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    Hi guys !
    Great work Coloscope! Finally, after some corrections i the code and in library file, Miniwoog run now very well with Vanilla Pd 5.0 (the last version).
    Pd-extended is not updated from far 2013 :-(
    With Pd (Vanilla) you only need to load some external library (in "Hlep" menu-->find external) and made some correction in code and library:

    load this library:

    • cyclone
    • zexy
    • list-abs
    • iemlib
    • bsaylor
    • absattr
    • gee
    • hcs
    • maxlib
    • tof
      also I set path for each ones (in preference --> path)

    Code correction:

    1. in midiin change midiparse with "cyclone/midiparse" and connect the pd aftertouch inlet at the second outlet of object... So aftertouch will go :-)

    Library correction:

    1. in iemlib library folder you have to copy the file splitfilename.pd_darwin (I take it from external library of Pd_extended (in Mac are located in contents/resources/extra/iemlib). I discovered that it's not present in the last version of loaded iemlib.

    I'm testing a new release of Miniwoog code with aftertouch correction and note and avtertouch value display . (on the left of the piano roll).
    I hope my infos are usefull.

    ciao, ilio

    .Some problems came to adding new versions of same library that are not correct..

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