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    I think the file I create are blocked by apple security system, since their system automatically tag downloaded binaries to block them... you can type this in Terminal to untag the files:

    sudo xattr -cr path/to/Gem

    But good news, there is now automatic builds up on deken... Here is the news from IOhannes, who is actively maintaining Gem:

    just for the record: since yesterday there's snapshot builds of Gem available on deken.

    • this is a snapshot of the current git 'master'. there hasn't been a
      release. things might be more broken then in a normal release (on the
      upside: if you report bug, they are fixed faster than in a normal release)
    • there is only a single version "0.94-snapshot". the package will be
      updated whenever a i change something in the git repository. there is no
      turning back (if things worked with yesterday's snapshot, but not with
      the one downloaded today, then you are out of luck)
    • Windows: both 32bit and 64bit binaries are available
    • macOS: the binary is universal (amd64 and arm64). they should run at
      least on "Big Sur" (i've tested them[*] on Catalina/amd64 and Monterey/M1)
    • Linux: there are binaries available, but unlike with Windows/macOS
      binaries, there are no dependencies included. I do advise Linux people
      to just build Gem themselves (or use a distribution that offers packages
      for Gem's git snapshots). this is because on Linux you typically have a
      proper package manager (that allows you to easily install all the stuff
      needed, starting with a compiler), whereas on macOS/Windows you don't
      (unless you count the variants of "app stores" - which I don't).
      the pre-built binaries will most likely not work out of the box on
      your system. (having said that: the binaries where produced on a
      Debian/bullseye system, so if you are running something similar it
      should be possible to just install the missing dependencies with your
      package manager; a good start is to just install the "gem" package that
      comes with your distribution, as this should pull in most dependencies)


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    I found an alternative way using a "curl" command from a [shell] object. Though still interested with a way without using any external...

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    I have a similar question, since I would like to control a relay card from puredata using ethernet.

    From a browser, the web server can listen to this address to start a relay:

    And this one to stop the relay:

    How should I send those addresses from [netsend] ?

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    I remember the last version in github fixed a fullscreen issue under MacOS, but I did not have the time to test it further...

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    It took a few minutes to compile Gem, here is a pretty stable version of Gem for M1 I did in februrary:

    Since Gem is still maintained, you can expect bug fixes and new features in the last master on github, but they are untested.

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    Thanks @whale-av
    Actually it was working well this way with my old macbook and not this new m1 and monterey...

    I run pd from the pi with an hdmi screen and the pd error message is also appearing but at least pd interface could start without issue.

    Maybe the issue comes from xquartz then.. I need to investigate but I am not used to linux and x windows server...

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    I want to start puredata installed on a headless Raspberry Pi, using x-window from a macbook.

    In my macbook, I have installed Xquartz, and I connect to my raspberry using the

    ssh -X pi@myraspberryip

    command with my password.
    Xquartz start, but don't display pd user interface... only "priority 8 scheduling failed." is printed on the terminal...

    It was working well before, is it broken now?

    Raspbian Os bulleye
    MacOs Monterey
    Xquartz 2.8.5
    Puredata 0.51-4

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    Also grid is present in PurrData and pd-l2ork... pd-extended is really a dead project and should really be avoided now.

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    @ddw_music said:

    In particular, I loathe the way that dragging an object to reposition it enters edit mode -- but MSP feels that it's more important to be able to duplicate-move-type.

    I totally agree with you... I build pd myself too in order to desactivate this edit mode function for students and they thanks me! It's possible to use the last ceammc lib 0.9.6 from denken but... not for linux unfortunately. 99% of my students use mac or Windows so that's ok but I agree that asking for a Linux build would be a good idea.

    Otherwise for audio only... there is PlugData! But I miss all nice and well organized objects grouped by their function proposed by ceammc lib.

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    Don't forget to try https://ceammc.github.io/pd-help/, you'll be suprised how complete puredata could be. List of objects here and I see often new one added on github.

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