To all you Korg Padkontrol owners on Linux,

I finally figured out how to talk to the padkontrol, get it into native mode, and get it to spit sysex all within PD using the [midiin] or [sysex] and [midiout] objects.

'Native mode' is a special mode that the padkontrol can be set to that allows you access to ALL the buttons and knobs on the device. Those 2 buttons next to the Knobs? yours. The endless encoder under the LCD? yours.

The attached patch will get you in and out of native mode and has a bunch of subpatches to test and debug things. When you hit the start button, the lights should flash and then 'YES' will appear on the LCD. From there you can test the buttons, the LED light commands, the LCD commands, etc. All of the subpatches are just samples of how to use the data, rip them apart to make your own abstractions.

Technical Details:

Make sure your padkontrol is connected to PD using JACK or patchage to manage midi connections.

The initialize command sets up the midi channel on 10 (which is the default when it's out of native mode as well)

In native mode the pads will output 1 thru 16 on midi channel 10 AND output sysex messages too, both ways are shown in the patch.

The x-y pad is accessed through CC 16 and 17, again on midi channel 10

I put a bunch of comments in the patch, but if your stuck or have questions I'll do my best to help.