Here's a part of a patch I've been working on for a few weeks.

It's a file-loader with a linear scrub option. When the toggle for Scrub is checked, a second [hsl] appears that allows you to scrub to a specific spot, and lets you choose how long the scrub is to get to that spot.

So far, I think the only limitation I've found is this: if you activate the scrubbing while it is already playing back, then it will not accurately show what the current playback speed is.

The playback engine is separate so that I could use [switch~] to turn it off when it isn't playing anything back.

Unzip the three patches into a folder and open loadandplay1.pd (the main patch).

Also, thanks to everyone on the forum for being a great resource. My knowledge of pd is a direct result of the great help and insights given to me by all on the forum.