hi guys! so i've had an oxygen8 for a few years now and i see them everywhere, so i'm sharing this handy little patch i made.

basically you're stuck with 8 knobs, and two sliders (modwheel and data entry). all this patch really does is takes the keyboard's input, numbers those 8 knobs and 2 sliders in sets of 10, and lets you switch between those sets with the hradio for up to 120 different controller values. the key input is passed straight through so even when you switch between various controls you can play the keyboard consistently.

even if you don't have an oxygen8, this patch will give you a little selfcontained set of sliders that you can use as a midi controller... so it's still useful for when you're not at home with your keyboard, or if you don't even have one.

basically all this patch does is take those 10 controls and lets you switch between 12 sets of them. it's useful for me in ableton so when i need to map more parameters than i have knobs for, i can assign more, and the numbering system is much easier to stay on top of than the default control values for those knobs (it's like 17, 80, 74, no consistency it seems).

on linux you should be able to jack the keyboard to pd's midi in, then jack the output to wherever you want. i'm currently on windows and i select usb keyboard in for input, and loopbe for output.

the numbers do nothing but change when you switch the hradio - the sliders are the corresponding controls (with the mod wheel as slider 9 and the data entry knob as slider 10).

come to think of it i don't think i tested the pitch bend wheel, i've been using this patch almost entirely for parameter controlling and not playing the oxygen8 notes at all. [notein] is patched directly into [noteout]

any questions/comments/ideas please, post them. this is a real quick patch i put together that worked almost better than i wanted it to but it can be very expanded upon. i was going to add symbols so you could tag/name all 120 controls but i was having trouble figuring out a way to store them and recall them, and send/receive to the symbols... so i just scrapped that.

basically all i do is make a tiny pd window and make [SCET], and just have that sitting at the bottom of the screen under my DAW (in this case ableton).

i haven't run into any conflicts yet for the most part but it's possible the controller numbering system might conflict with certain apps/synths/etc.

cheers guys!