Hi! I'm calling it a year and wrapping up a new update just to mark exactly one year of work since Dec 17, 2021, when I released the last beta version of ELSE. I'm finally slowing down. In 2021 there were 9 releases, which was relatively less. 2022 only has 5 and I could wait more for this 5th release candidate release which doesn't really have a lot and I got lots and lots of cool stuff in the oven.

The main thing I have to offer now is a new [gendyn~] object that I've been having lots of fun with. Yes, this is that stochastic synthesis thingy based on Xenakis' stuff. I also added new table reader objects that can handle many interpolation methods and made nice addition and revisions to my tutorial specially about interpolation theory.

See https://github.com/porres/pd-else/releases/tag/v1.0-rc5 for more details and a complete changelog (with breaking changes as usual).

Current object count in ELSE is now 466 and the number of examples in the tutorial (with about 15 years of development now) has reached 492! Next month in 2023, ELSE completes 6 years and this is its 56th release amongst alpha/beta/release candidates! I hope to make a final release throughout the next year at last, with things hopefully stabilizing and slowing down even more so I can do other stuff :)

A download with the main architectures is up in deken already! I'm keeping only the last 4 releases up there to save server space and since rc4 I am only uploading binaries for 64bit systems (you can download all releases and for other architectures in github - just give me a minute)

Merry Xmas and a Happy new year!

ps. allow me to also mention PlugData - https://github.com/plugdata-team/plugdata - a project by Tim Schoen that includes ELSE out of the box, has a MAX like interface and can also run as a plugin. Tim has been helping me a lot and also has a finger in some of the updates in ELSE. This update should be part of PlugData soon.